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Beautiful Switzerland

May 12, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Our CS host, Robert, made us an incredible breakfast and on his way to work he dropped us off at the train station. We sure lucked out in choosing him from all the available hosts in Liechtenstein! What a great guy and a 5 star CS host for sure! We started off by bus, then switched to the train to head to Zurich, Switzerland. I bought a Swiss Travel Pass for both Trevor and I and we have been using it since we entered Switzerland yesterday and it was good for Liechtenstein also. We have it for 8 days and we can travel as much as we want in Switzerland on trains, buses, even boats and it is also good for over 400 museums  and many other special offers while we are here.   Unfortunately today was rainy but we still had a great day. We visited the tourist office in Zurich and asked what we could do in the rain for about 2 hours; got some good advice and headed out doing a walking tour and got a feel for the city. Then we hopped back on the train to head to Luzern, as we had been told that this was a very beautiful city to visit! It was awesome and we are going to try to go back as there are so many amazing things to see and do there. We visited the landmark Chapel Bridge and Water Tower; part of the town’s fortifications built in the early 1400’s and again did a walking tour as advised by the tourism office there. Again we only had a couple of hours before we needed to catch the train again to head to our friend Nicole’s, who we are staying with for the next few days. We then took the ultimate 2 hour train journey from Luzern to Interlaken, taking us up, up, up huge mountains and past 5 lakes; countless waterfalls and rivers against the backdrop of a fabulous alpine panorama!! It was breathtaking, even on this dreary day!  At Interlaken we changed trains again to make our way to Spiez, arriving at 6:30 pm to be picked up by Nicole. We met her during our volunteer stint in Nicaragua in 2010 and have kept in touch and it was so awesome to see her again. She took us to her parents’ beautiful home, overlooking a huge lake, facing the mountains. We were so welcomed by her parents, Hans and Susanne. What an amazing couple; so kind; friendly; generous; warm; again we are being spoiled by lovely people. Susanne cooked an incredible meal and we talked until late before heading off to bed. I just cannot believe that we are actually in is like a dream..


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  1. Gary permalink

    400 museums? WOW, my favorite things in the world….serisouly. I remember you always taking us to them…..and i still love them to this day…..unfortunatly Brit woudl rather be dead then visit one………which i guess i cant blame her!!!

  2. Marg permalink

    Kathy and Trevor

    Your travels are giving us the travel bug again. Switzerland sounds like a must see. Enjoy!

    Marg and Greg

  3. Denise permalink

    I am so glad for you both.

    Denise 🙂

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