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Love is All Around

May 9, 2013

Trevor and I are just about to head to bed and I have to say after our “interesting” CS experience last night, we have been hosted by the most incredible guy, Robert, here in Liechtenstein! He is absolutely amazing and Trevor and I cannot believe how kind he has been to us. He picked us up at the bus station after his work about 5:30 pm; drove us all around to show us his very small country; took us to his home and showed us to our lovely room; cooked an incredible bar-b-que for us and spoiled us completely and has advised us he has already made preparations for breakfast before driving us to the bus station tomorrow morning on his way to work!! He has certainly gone above and beyond in his CS duties and we like him so much!! Hopefully someday we can return his hospitality! We had a great day! We took the train/bus/train/bus and arrived about 3 pm in the beautiful country of Liechtenstein. We headed straight to the tourism office and were greeted warmly there and had our passports stamped, as is the tradition when you visit this tiny principality. We put our luggage in a locker and toured around,walking up a very steep hill to the Prince’s beautiful castle and the view from up high was lovely. A beautiful day again, weatherwise, and we loved the quiet and serenity after being in busy, bustling Milan the day before. Met some great people on our journey today. On the 2 hour train ride from Milan to Bellinzona, Switzerland, we were in a compartment on the train and again, Trevor snoozed while I had the most amazing chat with my new friend, Samidha, a 35 year old girl from Bombay, India who has been travelling solo for the last few weeks. I told her I was scared to go to India with all the terrible things I had read about it in the news lately but she has me convinced I must go and I learned to finally understand the difference between Hindu and Muslim among many other things! As we were entering this bus station at Bellinzona, someone asked where in Canada were we from, as she saw the Canada flag sewn on my suitcase,ImageImageImage and she and her husband were getting on the same bus and they live about 2 km from us in Ottawa!! We chatted alot with them as well and a coffee date is set up when we return home. It’s a small world after all!


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  1. elizabeth permalink

    so jealous of all your adventures

  2. Rodger permalink

    Liechtenstein sounds cool! I can’t picture where it is on the map but I am guessing somewhere on the Italy, Switzerland border. I hope Trev is rockin the Neapolitan necktie and fine Italian loafers!!! xoxoxoxo Rodger

  3. Siobhan permalink

    I really want to go there! It sounds so fun!

  4. Denise permalink

    The small world is absolutely true and I am glad you met people from Canada. The fresh air in parts of your travels would make anyone sleepy. Weather and sky look clear. Good to know you are learning the difference between cultures around the world, because you read many books and this way you see for yourself firsthand.
    Love Denise 🙂 and canine Sarah “/

  5. Wayne Guthrie permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor: We have been reading your blogs but have only sent one reply so far. Wonderful adventures you two are having!!! Not too sure what happened with CS experience – DOT DOT DOT. Continue on your fantastic voyage. Miss you. Love Lynn

  6. izzy superstar permalink

    that is cool!:) happy mothers day love izzy siobhan and emmett

  7. Gary permalink

    Happy Mothers Day to the BEST MOTHER EVER. Im not sure what it is about couch surfing that scares me……but im glad you guys do it cause its a great way to meet amazing people all over the world. What kind of food do they eat in Liechtenstein?

  8. Bryan permalink

    Hard to say who is the biggest legend in these pics?

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