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May 9, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Got up early this morning, helped Tracy prepare breakfast and tidied up the villa, as Steph was driving Trevor and I to the train station at 9:25 am as they were meeting with the owners of the villa at 9:30 am before departing to their next destination shortly afterwards. Trevor and I travelled to Naples on the local train, then caught the 4.5 hour Trenitalia to Milan.Trevor slept most of the way while I munched on snacks and watched the scenery whizzing by. Beautiful, fertile farmland and looking much like the Canadian countryside. We arrived at Milan near 5 pm and caught the Metro to the Duomo, a beautiful famous Gothic cathedral with a huge open plaza area in front of it with lots of locals and tourists bustling about. We enjoyed the sights for awhile, got some friendly advice from 2 local Italian girls, then caught the Metro again to go to our couchsurfer’s home. Let’s say our CSer experience was quite interesting and like the scene in Mamma Mia where she talks about her mother’s diary entries.. I will just say DOT…DOT… DOT.. to bed in our private loft….DOT..DOT..DOT….hopefully to sleep..DOT..DOT..DOT…


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  1. Suzanne Smith permalink

    What does that mean. I need details please. All good

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  2. Denise permalink

    Good for you Trevor to meet many young women along your journey. Intelligence comes in many shapes and sizes and you are fortunate to learn about many women from many cultures. God bless you and enjoy the days ahead. Thankyou for the photos you two. Love Denise 🙂

  3. Gary permalink

    Very cool church. Much like the Baptist church in Almonte. I as well do not understand the DOT DOT DOT thing…..glad all is going well!

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