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Positano’s Most Wanted

May 8, 2013

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our last day with Tracy, Sean, and Steph was certainly one to remember!  We headed out early this morning to visit the most famous town on the Amalfi coast, Positano. While Positano lived up to the hype of being a beautiful place, nestled between two cliffs and overlooking the mesmerizing azure blue sea, it was also quite kitschy and overrun by tourists. In fact the town was so overrun by tourists that we ended up having to park the car a good kilometre or two, uphill, away from the main street. Later on this would prove to be the root of perhaps our most exciting adventure of the trip. When we had finished our tour through town, which culminated with a little rest and relaxation on Positano’s fantastic beach that serves as the centerpiece of the town, we decided that we were not up to making the arduous journey back to where our car was parked on foot. So, we decided to get a cab…and that’s when things got a little crazy. After specifically explaining to the driver where our car was, he began driving in the exact opposite direction. Then, when we reminded him that we needed to go the other way, he ignored us and continued driving. So, eventually Steph had had enough and told him that he was going the wrong way and we wanted out of the car. The cabby didn’t want to stop, but finally slowed down enough for Steph to open the door and hop out. When we all tried to follow Steph, the driver began demanding that we pay him, even though he had actually only managed to take us farther away from our destination. Steph said we were absolutely not going to pay him, which evolved into a great big shouting match in the middle of the street. Beyond that, the cab driver tried to take Steph’s bag, which Trevor was holding onto, which began a big tug of war between him and Trevor, as Trevor hung onto it for dear life. Eventually, the whole scene gathered quite an audience, including the police! They had words with both Steph and the driver, and the final result of what happened is still rather ambiguous, as Steph did not say much about it. All we know is that we won’t forget Positano and Positano won’t forget us! When we finally escaped Positano after our brief brush with the law, we headed to Herculaneum, another town that, like Pompeii, had been destroyed when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. It was very interesting, and we were glad that we went, but the drive home was horrendous. Thanks to the horrible traffic, what should have taken us about 30 minutes ended up taking over two hours. When we finally arrived back at our villa in little Vico Equense we were very happy to be able to just relax and stay put for the evening. It wad been a long day!


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  1. Farrah permalink

    Looks gorgeous, super jealous of you all right now!!! xxx Keep on keeping on!

  2. Gary permalink

    Wow, thats a wild story. Lucky you guys didnt all end up in the slammer for the rest of the trip. Pics look beautifl, glad your having an amazing time! Your a great writer too…..very good! Glad you still all alive and not in jail. See you soon!

  3. Denise permalink

    I agree with Gary…”You are a great writer…” and I have noticed when for public viewing there are no spelling errors 🙂 Tevor: did the tug-of-war pull feel like you were fishing? Sean is learning young about travel and what to be aware of. All good come your way as you continue on your travels. Love Denise 🙂

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