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The Most Relaxing Day Yet

May 7, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Today was mainly a beach day. The waves were really cool today and we had lots of fun splashing about in those. The boys have all their  “sand glass” finds spread out on the patio table and are trading and having fun with that. It is the first day we were not driving anywhere and a nice break for Steph. Tracy and I walked into the town and did some grocery shopping. We are really feeling acclimatized to the way of life here and enjoying the change of pace. It is quite something how drivers here really pay attention to pedestrians and give you the right of away anytime, anywhere and you become quite nonchalant about that. As Francesca, our driver who took us into Naples last night explained, if you were driving and stopped at the red light and someone smashed into your rear end, the driver would get out and yell at you for stopping at the red light!!! It would be your fault as nobody follows the rules!! So you just cross the street anytime anywhere! A nice relaxing day in such beautiful surroundings. Tomorrow we hit the road for the day as it is our last day to explore the area as on Wednesday, Tracy and Steph and Sean move on and so do Trevor and I. We have been so lucky to have this amazing, family fun time together, with many happy memories.


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  1. Denise permalink

    Glad for family get-togethers here and abroad. I can see on google earth the top of the volcano, Vico Equense and your view of the water. Our weather and my day off today, sounds like a match to your day of rest. Happy to follow your travels through google earth. I look forward to where we go after Wednesday. Denise 🙂

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