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Having a Blast on Mount Vesuvius

May 6, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013ImageImageImage

Off to an early start this morning with a drive to Mount Vesuvius and a very windy drive up the mountain to the parking spot where we bought tickets to make the climb to the top. Again, a lovely day weather-wise, after a night of steady rain. It was a nice climb and arriving at the edge of the crater was breathtaking. Steam could be seen emitting from one place and apparently there is lava bubbling about 8 miles below. It is the most dangerous active volcano in the world but the 3 million people living at its base feel safe, as they say with the instruments etc today they would have 2 weeks notice to evacuate if there was to be another eruption. The place became very packed as we were leaving so we were glad we had headed up early. Back to Vico Equense, picked up a few lunch items at Franco’s Pizza place and had lunch on the beautiful patio at the villa with its stunning view of the cliffs and sea. We all napped, then we had a driver pick us up at 5:30pm to take us into Naples for the soccer match between Naples and Inter-Milan. The driver took us first to a famous gelateria  for our daily “fix”, then Tracy and I toured  Long Beach area, a beautiful boardwalk area by the sea teeming with people and lots of activity. Not so touristy here and it was great to mingle with the natives. We enjoyed pizza at a pizza joint while watching the game on the tv there, then picked up the boys about 10:30 pm. They had an amazing time and were happy that Naples won the game 3-1. This stadium holds 80,000 people. 2 amazing experiences in one day for the boys: Mount Vesuvius and a soccer match at San Paolo stadium!

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  1. RALPH MILLAR permalink

    You look like a happy group. How is your knee feeling Kathy? Here we have been having sunny, clear days with the temperature in the mid to high twenties since last Tuesday.                                       Pat                                                  


  2. Marg permalink

    Sounds like another awesome adventure to the mountain. That would be neat to see a European soccer match. Our stadiums here couldn’t hold a quarter of that number.

    Enjoy your time.

    Marg and Greg

  3. Barbara permalink

    What a sweet photo of big cousin and little cousin both enjoying gelato.

  4. Wayne Guthrie permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor: I may be repeating myself. I don’t think my e-mail went through — so here I go again. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Just please watch those taxi drivers. Trevor was soooo lucky to get his backpack. I am enjoying your blog and am looking forward to the next ones. Take care. Miss you. Love Lynn

  5. Bryan permalink

    Sweet pics!! Miss you guys!! Love you!!

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