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Life’s a Beach

May 4, 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013ImageImage

This morning we headed down to the private beach associated with this villa property. It is a very close walk and a great beach day! The water is crystal clear, cool and refreshing. The only part that is not so nice is the beach has a lot of stones on it and also in the water. It would be better to have water shoes here. The sand is the darkest sand I have ever seen; almost black but flecks of gold and silver in it. Lots of colourful pieces of beach glass and ceramic pieces that have washed up on shore which are fun to collect and Sean is having fun doing that. So incredible to be swimming in the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the background. We returned for a late lunch and a quiet time for everyone. Then about 4:30 pm we headed off for a big drive along the Amalfi coast. Honestly, Steph does an incredible job driving! The roads are so narrow and old and people drive crazily here. You have to be aggressive to survive in this traffic; I would not want to do it! Back for a nice pizza supper at Franco’s famous pizza place and of course dessert was at our favourite gelato place. A picture perfect day in beautiful Vico Equense.


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  1. Barb Dodd permalink

    Sure, make us feel poor. What a great trip you are having. Need a babysitter for Dandy next week. Could you come back for a couple of days (ha, ha). My friend, Priscilla is coming up tomorrow until Wednesday. Dandy is having his teeth operated on Wednesday. Jenn and her family have gone to a friend’s cottage for the weekend and I am tanning on my balcony (one little spot at a time). The weather here has been perfect for a few days now and it’s suppose to continue. I check your blog every day faithfully and just wish I was in your backpack. Barb

  2. Marg permalink

    Kathy, love to read the blogs and glad you are enjoying your time there. Lots of sightseeing and good eating! What more do you want?

    Love Marg and Greg

    p.s. that’s a nice picture of you and Shawn

  3. Gary permalink

    Whats the pizza like compared to here? Nothing beats The Centennial in Pakenham….haha. Hope the weather has been good…..looks pretty gloomy in the pic! Hope all is going well. Love you!

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