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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an…octopus?

May 2, 2013

DSCF4252 DSCF4254

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Today we drove into town for breakfast and to pick up a few groceries before heading back to the beautiful villa. After lunch we took the car down to the beach. The water was a little bit chilly but the hot Italian sun was beating down on us, so a dip in the cool azure sea was actually very refreshing. As we were sitting on the beach, we were shocked to sea an octopus come soaring out of the water. As soon as it hit the beach a young man ran over and scooped it up. I was confused as to what was going on, so I approached the young man to ask him about what he was doing. In broken English he explained to me that his partner, who was snorkeling in the water, was digging in the sand for octopus, and that when he found them, he would throw them onto the shore for the boy to scoop up and put in a bag. Apparently, octopus is very yummy, and the young man and his partner were catching their dinner. When we left the beach, we went exploring Vico Equense and several of the neighbouring towns via car. The roads are extremely narrow and twisty here, so Steph had to do some Nascar-like maneuvering in order to avoid getting in an accident. On our little tour we got to take in some breathtaking views from the top of the great cliffs that tower over the Amalfi coastline. Also, I particularly enjoyed seeing all of the lemon and orange trees laden with fresh fruit. At the end of our journey we headed for a gelato at a famous shop in Vico Equense. I tried banana and strawberry, which was absolutely delicious! Finally, we headed home and whipped up a quick dinner of pizza and salad. For the rest of the evening, Tracy and I went on a walk while the boys played soccer, and then we reconvened to play a couple of card games. Now we are heading to bed early because we our leaving tomorrow morning at 9:00am sharp to explore the wonders of Pompeii!

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  1. Marg permalink

    Hi Kathy

    Sounds like a beautiful place. I have heard that you have to be careful in some places over there. Good for you for standing up to the crooked taxi driver and glad that Trevor’s bag was intact.

    Enjoy your adventure. We are having nice weather here as well. Unfortunately, there is no nice beach around here!

    Love Marg and Greg

  2. Gary permalink

    That octopus is very very neat. I remember you telling me a story about how our whole lives we grow up thinking that octopus are huge creatures of the sea when in reality they are only the sixze of a basketballl…….weird. ALso, wanted to askm, do they have lots of american brand food companys at teh grocey stores or is it mainly all Italien stuff?

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