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Sunny Orlando

January 11, 2013
Day 2:  Friday, December 28, 2012
Even though our sleep was short we were comfy in the hotel in Brampton. The limousine picked us up at 5:15 am sharp and whisked us off to the airport and once again we snaked our way through the lengthy customs lines to get to out departure gate for Orlando via Air Canada. We were called up to the front desk only to find out there were not 4 seats available on this flight which Air Canada had promised us. The next departure was at 10:30 am. We said we would wait but the clincher was that there might not be 4 seats on that one either. They found 3 seats on the 8:00 am flight so Suzanne, Trevor and Margot took that flight and I arrived a bit later taking the 10:30 am flight.
I was distressed again upon landing at Orlando, when the flight attendant made an announcement that once again the passengers could not disembark due to problems with the ‘bridge’ that took us from the plane into the airport and they had to wait for the Airport Authority to fix it!!
The good news was that we finally made it to Orlando. The bad news was that we had missed our day at Harry Potter World. The even worse news was that Trevor’s carry on bag was missing!!! I had encouraged everyone to only take carry-on luggage, as often checked luggage gets mislaid and also now it is $25 for each checked bag each way. It was unbelievable that someone had actually taken Trevor’s bag out of the overhead, and left a purple one in place of his red one!! When they got into the airport they reported it as missing. 
Apparently some woman from Florida took the bag by mistake and the luggage department said they would get Trevor’s bag out to our hotel: The Celebration Suites, so we felt some relief.
One of the reasons we booked the Celebration Suites was the free shuttle to Harry Potter World and back but we found out we had missed the only shuttle going in the morning. We had booked a transportation package with The Flight Centre which covered everything else.
Not sure what to do.. but we realized soon that we could get our rental car today if needed so we ordered it and decided to drive to Universal Studios and  do Harry Potter World as it is open until 11:00 pm! Great plan but we used the GPS I had brought and somehow our 15 minute drive ended up taking us over an hour and we were so disappointed that we had so little time left we decided to change the plan and go in the morning. We had decided  even a short visit to Harry Potter World would be better than not going at all!
Bedtime and after many calls to the luggage department and promises that it “was on tis way”.. but at bedtime no sign of it…
By the way..we managed to spend the $40.00 each PLUS another $40.00 Air Canada gave us at the boarding gate in the morning….it was hard but we did it between Tim Horton’s and the other airport restaurant..every last cent!!

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