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Stevie Wonder?! I Wonder…

January 11, 2013
Day 5: December 31, 2012
Today we spent the whole day at sea. I got up early and went down to one of the main decks and reserved a couple of deck chairs by putting my things and a towel on the chairs. They check this regularly and if you are not there, they ticket the chair and will remove the towels so someone else can get the chair which is totally fair. They have a track on  deck 11 so I went up there and  did 7 laps  which is one mile. I do that each day to try to offset some of the food intake which is pretty much non-stop!! Then I relaxed on the deck and read my book.  The hot tub is a good place to get talking to others as you are “up close and personal” there. I was surprised at how many people  from Canada and the northern States had driven down even though they might encounter bad weather. Most drove the 22 hours quite easily. Suzanne and I had considered that, as the airfares were so expensive but then decided not to. Another time I might consider it for sure. A great relaxing day for everyone, then supper at 6 at the dining room. Lobster night! I had 2 lobster plates and giant tiger shrimp and 3!! desserts: the caramel creme brule; a raspberry dessert and then the waiters brought me a birthday cake with candles and sang happy birthday to me. They felt bad they had not done that the night before. Oh my gosh. For sure I will be rolling off the ship!
For the New Year’s celebration there was a Motown singer in the muster station ; played a bingo game; then we hit the Punchliner comedy club; then onto the Lido deck for more New Year’s celebrating and Stevie Wonder arrived at midnight. The whole ship was ‘”rocking” and it was a fun time with hats and horns and they also passed around champagne to everyone.  Soon after midnight we all hit the sack.  Happy New Year!

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