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January 11, 2013
Day 9: January 4, 2013
Once again, a picture perfect day; wall to wall sunshine and blue sky. Suzanne and I decided to head to the back deck and spend our day lounging there; right by the 2 hot tubs and great pool and lots of food choices. Usually we like to be by the main Lido deck, as that seems to be where most of the action is, but this will make it a bit easier for her, as she has been having some walking issues. Today they had this incredible chocolate extravaganza. Oh my gosh, it is impossible to describe the food on this ship. It is never ending and for someone like myself who loves to eat and eat and is amazing!! A great day again and we are sad to have to depart tomorrow morning and end this wonderful holiday. I had never been interested in ‘cruising’ but now I am hooked and hopefully will have the good fortune to enjoy another one.  And even better would be if  all my family could come with me!!! I loved seeing whole families here; grandmas and grandpas and moms and dads and their kids; so nice to see everyone together enjoying a happy holiday. I will definitely be happy to travel with Carnival, as everything about it was incredible. A huge surprise when we returned to our room. A lovely letter from Carnival apologizing for the issues we complained about the first day about ( which in hindsight were minimal…noise ) and they gave us a $75 each credit which basically pays for the mandatory tipping fees each passenger is obliged to pay at the finish of the cruise. We were so impressed by this generosity! Tonight all the passengers were to attend the night show at the same time, 10:30 pm instead of the usual staggered times, so we went early to get a good seat. It was great!! There had been an audition for any cruise passengers who wanted to portray various singers such as Madonna, Brittiney Spears etc and wow what a show they put on!! We loved it. A great “finale”!

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