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Holiday Fun Christmas 2012

January 11, 2013
Day 1: Thursday, December 27, 2012
This is our big day. Trevor and his girlfriend, Margot, and myself and our friend, Suzanne, are off on a Christmas holiday adventure!
However, we were quite worried the day before that we might not even make the trip!
Trevor had a very sore throat and very sore stomach starting Christmas Day and a fever . He slept all Christmas day evening as he was feeling awful.
Yesterday all day he slept/ rested and I “nursed” him all day feeding him chicken noodle soup; popsicles; making sure he drank lots; gargled with salt and water and took Advil and regularly monitoring his temperature etc etc..
He took terrible shakes about 9 pm and  I got ready to take him to the hospital. He was not up to going to the hospital he was shaking so much, so I lay beside him and held onto him and then all of a sudden he threw up and threw up and threw up and kept retching like there was no more tomorrow. Then the shaking stopped! I then took his temperature and freaked as it was 104.4!! I made him get up and into a COLD bath and shower.. not fun but it worked. I put a mattress on the floor of his room and slept there so I could be on “stand-by” when needed.
Eventually the temperature went down to 102. …more Advil; water etc and back to bed near midnight. I set the alarm for 2:30 am and got up to take his temperature. NORMAL thank goodness and this morning it was normal also. No more retching or shaking but the sore throat was still bad and the tummy still did not feel very good but I  let him sleep until 10.30 am..
Our flight was to leave today at 4:00 pm from Ottawa to Orlando via Toronto but we checked online and saw that it had been delayed until 5:50 pm. Suzanne, with her son Brandon, picked us up at 4:30 pm and off we went. Again the flight was delayed and we ended up arriving in Toronto just minutes before our 9:00 pm departure for Orlando was to leave. It was quite a scramble to get through customs etc but luckily the 9:00 pm flight was delayed as well, due to the inclement weather. Many, many flights were cancelled altogether.
When we got on the plane there was some older women creating quite a fuss. We weren’t sure what was going on but she seemed to be doing a lot of complaining and the flight attendants were hovering over her trying to settle her down. Then they called for a doctor on board who also attended to her but still nothing seemed to be resolved. Some firemen boarded but still nothing happened. Everyone on the plane was waiting very patiently and we were thinking it was going to be a very short night’s sleep by the time we arrived in the wee hours of the morning to Orlando.  Our plan was to get up at the crack of dawn to go to Harry Potter World and the Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios and spend a whole glorious day there.
About 11:00 pm it was announced that everyone had to disembark the plane as there were no pilots!! We could not believe it! So into the airport we went and lined up for a long time  to get vouchers for a hotel; taxi and food, which we received after midnight. There were no hotels available near the airport, due to the stormy weather, so we had to go to Brampton. We got to bed about 2 pm  and set the alarm for  4:50 am to be picked up by 5:15 am. So much for being at Harry Potter World at the crack of dawn!!
Nice vouchers from Air Canada though. I think we were supposed to get $40.00 ( $10.00  each) but instead we received 4 vouchers worth $40.00 each. That was $160 to spend on food at the airport between midnight and our 8:00 am flight departure the next morning!
Can we do it?

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