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Happy Birthday to Me

January 11, 2013
Day 4: Sunday, December 30, 2012
I woke up about 6:15 am, even though the room was awesomely dark. I had decided if I woke up early I would go to the spa and do the 7:00 am stretch class followed by the 7:30 am abs class. I did both but struggled with some of the exercises in the abs class! We ate breakfast at the buffet. YUMMY! At 8:30 am the ship was scheduled to arrive at Nassau but we did not disembark until after 9:00 am. We had all agreed we would not take any of the ship’s excursions as they are quite expensive and as our time at Nassau was relatively short, we thought we would just head for a nice beach for the day. 
We paid $8 each to go to Paradise Island for the day. We had a great  local tour guide who told us some interesting facts; 700 islands in the Bahamas; Nicholas Cage is bankrupt in America but due to money laundering lives in a mansion here, which we saw as we crossed over to Paradise Island; this island used to be called Hog Island but they changed the name because nobody was going to it; they killed all the hogs and ate them; he pointed out a yoga retreat where the rules are 1)no alcohol; 2) no smoking: 3)no meat; 4) no hanky panky… in other words No Fun Resort; one of the biggest ships Oasis of the Seas docks at Nassau; Nassau means shallow waters; there was a nude beach  but it was closed down by the government as there were too many boating accidents. He was so funny  and very likable. He also told us about Atlantis on the island. We could see the beautiful structure from the boat. It is a very, very fancy resort with a penthouse suite going for $24,000 a night and you have to book it 5 years in advance. He named many high profile names who had stayed there such as Oprah. It was a long walk to the beach once we docked on Paradise Island but it was worth it as the beach was very, very beautiful and we enjoyed the sun, surf and sand!
Back to the boat and  a delicious buffet lunch which we took to the poolside. Suzanne and I went to Guest Services to complain about a couple of issues pertaining to our room; one being it was very noisy after midnight and Margot had alot of trouble getting to sleep and also we questioned why we had paid extra for 4 in the room when the original booking had us in 2 rooms..we did nto think it made sense. The agent said she would look into things for us and get back to us. I went back to one of the hot tubs( there are 6 on board) and the others did other things, then we met for  another yummy supper in the dining room at 6. We  went to 2 comedy shows that night also the night show and finally to bed at midnight!! Everything was great about the day except that now I am 67 years old as it was my birthday!! Yikes!! I don’t want to be that old and I want to live forever as there are so many amazing beautiful things to see and do every single day. It’s a Wonderful Life..just like the movie!!

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