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Homeward Bound

September 11, 2012

All good things must come to an end and our trip to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco is done. 3 more places knocked off the Bucket List ..but many more to go!

We flew from Las Vegas to Philly and then on to Ottawa. Trevor and I travelled only with our backpacks with the sleeping bags strapped to the outside and Trevor carrying our compact tent.

The overhead was very full so the crew asked  if they could ship our baggage separately…and one reason I like carrying my own was not in Ottawa when we arrived!

It will be sent on Monday. That happened years ago when we went to England and brought home some clotted cream… not good!The flight out of Philly was late but we were home by 6:30.

For someone who is afraid to fly… between the Asia trip earlier this summer and this one I think I have been on about 16 planes so I am slowly losing “my fear”!

It was really meaningful for us to reconnect with Royce, our friend we spent 5 weeks with volunteering in Nicaragua, and he sure showed us a good time in San Francisco. Las Vegas was quite the place and you really need to go there to experience it …party central for sure  but way too materialistic for me. I prefer a more simple life. The Grand Canyon was beautiful and it is most important for anyone going there to hike down into it.. that was the best part.

So back home now and ever so thankful I got to  travel on another great adventure with my beloved son Trevor. He is the best travel companion and I count my lucky stars that he is happy to join me. He is 20 now and I realize that  trips with him will soon, sadly, come to an end. I look at it as an education for him….but really I just want him with me!! I am also so thankful I got to make the trip at all with the  recent health scare and luckily the headaches were minimal and I got to enjoy every single minute!

The quote I have on my daily agenda has an even more acute message to me now;

“Dream as if you will live forever; live as if you will die today.”

What’s next on the Bucket List?



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  1. gary sadler permalink

    Great blog, your a great writer and its great that you document all the thigns you do. Next on the bucket list I say you try somewhere adventurous like TWEED or something. Just kidding, who knows where you will end up next, as long as you end up somewhere, you enjoy it, and you bring back memories to last a lifetime. Glad your heaadaches were at a minimum and that everyone is back safe. Oh, one last thing, did you see anyone famous on the trip?

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