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Goodbye to The Strip

September 3, 2012

Saturday morning I got up early and headed down to the pool to get 3 good pool chairs for the boys and I. I managed to put “things” on the chairs to make them look used and headed back up to the room to get the boys up about 10:30 as I wanted to get ourselves checked out and back down to the pool as it was wall to wall sunshine and blue sky.We stored our bags with the hotel to be picked up much later. I had scored some free tickets to a live comedy show at the Imperial Palace for 2 and we also needed to grab a bite of lunch before that. The show was just an hour but a very fun family oriented show and we all liked it. There are so many shows in las vegas and you could go day and night to see some amazing ones but they are quite costly. We all have seen quite a few shows of this type so we passed on this additional expense.

Back to the pool for the afternoon. The boys headed for the quiet family one but I (Grandma!) immersed myself in the main pool which was absolutely crazy. It was wall to wall people but I like crowds  and people!! It opened at 8 and people started drinking then. It was party central. I loved watching all the action and actually one young girl came up to me in the pool and wanted to take my picture and yelled at her friend to come and look. Apparently I looked just like “Gail” from their office Not sure if that was a good or bad thing!! haha The drinks at the pool are atrociously expensive and again, it blows my mind the money people spend in Las Vegas

Met up with the boys about 5:45 and we assessed that we had  about 10 hours to “kill” before having to get  the shuttle to make our way to the airport for 5 am with a 7 am departure Sunday morning. Well, we walked and walked and walked along The Strip and joined the throngs of others and visited new and old places and hit a Flavours buffet at 8:45 and ate and ate until we were all 3 ready to burst when it shut down at 10:30.

We passed the night; caught the shuttle; said goodbye to ……..The Strip. It sure is a popular tourist destination and a fun place to be. I am so thankful I was able to make the trip!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    Just reading about all the things you did tires me out. I really don’t know how you do it. BUt its great you got to see all that stuff. Definetely somethign everyone should do once. What was the craziest looking person you saw? I doubt they could be much worse then some of the animals you see downtown Ottawa….what was your FAV thing in Vegas if you coudl only go back and do one thign again? I feel like Mrs. Grainger (my Grade 2 teacher) when i make these comments as she did it for me that summer that I had the meltdown over my journal…hahahah…….MOM, you remember, the same summer I got chased with a butchers knife by cousin HEATH.

  2. Farrah permalink

    LOLing, Mrs Grainger…

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