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The Fremont Experience

September 2, 2012

Friday morning I headed down to the pool area early and secured 3 pool chairs for us. I did not realize people lined up at 6 am to get the best spots. I just happened to look out our room window  shortly after 8 and noticed people by the pool an hour earlier than at the Imperial so I scuttled right down. Pool time at the Imperial was 9.

Curtis was touring elsewhere so I got Trevor to come with me to McDonald’s close by to help me with the laptop. I was having trouble trying to post my blog. I then convinced him we should do the Emperor’s Buffet again as I had another 2/1 coupon. Oh my gosh. Did we pig out!  Unbelievable all the food at this buffet.  We certainly got our money’s worth and more! It was delicious!

Then back to the pool area and it was party central! I cannot believe the money people spend on booze here. Of course you cannot bring your own drinks in and the prices they charge at the bar are outrageous but people drink and drink and drink.. and then get pretty crazy!   The whole pool is about 3  ½ feet deep  and lots of beautiful girls in scanty bikinis! It’s a good people watching spot. Lots of security around so things don’t get completely out of hand.

Lots of lifeguards on duty.

Oh my gosh! Tattoos! What’s with all the people covering their bodies with tattoos? I have never seen so many tattoos covering so much of people’s bodies. I don’t like tattoos!

Unfortunately the hotels aren’t making any money on me as I have only gambled $10 and I don’t drink…but I am having as much fun as anyone!

Trevor actually did not like it so much by this rambunctious pool and there are a couple of other quieter ones for families so we moved to one of them. I liked watching the antics at the main pool. He and Curtis both missed the “Shake your Bootie “ was fun..I entered……………..NOT!!!

Unfortunately, alot of people smoke  by the pool..don’t like that! A great hot tub and a cool dj so fun music pumping out until pool closing time at 7 pm.

We decided Friday night we would do “The Fremont Experience”!

We caught the Deuce bus and headed to old downtown to Fremont Street. Well, it was an experience for sure!

A huge area of Fremont Street is covered by a huge  tunnel-like canvas and again more casinos and throngs of people and noise! Lots of people dressed up in ”character” expecting tips as you pose with them and up above people zip-lining through the tunnel! Bands performing and at 9 o’clock there was a Bon Jovi light show on the ceiling of the canvas and at 10 o’clock, Queen! They are really trying hard to compete with The Strip but in our opinion there is no comparison!

I was surprisingly not hungry at all after the huge buffet but we went to Tony Roma’s in the tunnel and the boys got a great deal on a steak and lobster meal which was delicious!

Back on the Deuce to our hotel by 11 and we all stayed in!

Saturday is going to be a long day with no sleep Saturday night!

Hey only live once!!


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  1. B Korwin permalink

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your amazing trip.

  2. gary sadler permalink

    LOL, would the buffet rival the PONDEROSA in watertown? Old Fremont sounds neat, sounds like alot going on. What is that area? Is it the original part of Vegas? I would not of missed the bootie shaking competition…in fact, probs would of been the highlight of my trip.

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