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Salty Caramel and Brown Sugar

August 26, 2012

Saturday morning I walked over to Royce’s and about 11:30 am Royce, Trevor, Curtis, Reid, Whitney and I headed downtown by the BART and went to a restaurant named Las Tinajas in the Mission district of the city. Royce was happy to take us there as this restaurant is owned by his aunt and uncle who are of Nicaraguan descent as is Royce .He had never been to this restaurant and thought because all 3 of us had spent the time together volunteering in Nicaragua, he knew we would appreciate it. It was very reminiscent for us being there; remembering all the meals we had shared eating Nicaraguan style with the many other friends we made there from all over the world. His aunt and uncle were so generous treating all of us to a huge platter of delicious food. The Mission district is rather poor and a little scary. I definitely would not want to walk down there at night!

After leaving there we headed to a very popular ice cream parlour where there was a huge line-up. We tried some new flavours; for me it was salty caramel and brown sugar. Met some interesting, friendly people in the line-up and it was fun chatting with them. Royce headed back home to do some studying but the rest of us did a bit of touring and up to Delores Hill  to overlook the city. Whitney and Reid left and the 3 of us were on our own so we did some more touring.  We went to a region called Castro; known to be a very gender tolerant area and we were startled to see  a man reclining butt-naked on a bench in the central square!! We asked a young lady for directions and she was so nice and explained this was quite normal in the area. She offered to drive us to our next area to sight-see which was called  Haight Ashbury. She explained this was known as the hippie area. Oh my gosh. It was wild there and we came across a terrible confrontation between some men and a very tough looking woman. We were actually frightened and saw many individuals who made us feel uncomfortable, so we soon walked away from that area. We did alot of walking, then jumped on a streetcar which took us on a long journey back to Fisherman’s Wharf along the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

We walked around  Peir 39 and eventually  got tickets to ride the famous cable car , introduced to San Francisco in 1873, which opened the door for building on steep hills which up until this time was thought impossible. We were freezing waiting in the line-up which was much longer than we expected! Finally boarded this and rode the hills of San Francsico. The cable cars of San Francisco are the only vehicles of their kind still in operation.  Another amazing experience to add to our long list. Again, we are so fortunate.

The sun is shining this morning but I expect the weather is cool. Yesterday was cool all day and mostly cloudy. It is very cool in the mornings and evenings. I always just thought California was hot! Not so in San Francisco!

Heading out the door momentarily to walk to Royce’s and meet the boys! Royce has some fun things planned for our final day here but then we must jump on the BART and head back to the airport and Las Vegas. We pick up our rental car tonight as tomorrow we drive to the Grand Canyon where we will be camping on the South Rim for 4 days!  Exciting!!

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  1. Farrah permalink

    Another amazing trip!!!!!!!

  2. gary sadler permalink

    The Mission District wounds very similar to Mechanicsville in Ottawa. Haha. The Castro area sounds really scary. Naked people on benches? um, no thanks. Now the cable car ride, that sounds very neat. Probably be a little scary but interesting at the same time. Is the weather cold in San Fran? Have fun at the Grand Canyon, dont wander to close to the edgeeeeeeeeeeee………

  3. Marg permalink

    Yes, San Fran is a very interesting place. Remember I told you how cool it can be there!! If you were to travel inland a short distance you would be surprised how warm it was. Yes, the cable cars are a neat experience. Enjoy your time left. That will be awesome to camp at the Grand Canyon and yes it will probably be cool there also.

    Love Marg and Greg xooxox

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