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Biking the Golden Gate

August 25, 2012

I certainly lucked out with my couchsurfing experience once again. As I was in the hospital and did not expect to make this trip, I ended up making a couple of requests to CSers in San Francisco at the last minute, which I do not like to do. I received a lovely welcome from a woman about my age, named Helen, and the incredible thing is she is 20 minutes walking distance from our friend Royce, where the boys are staying!That was purely accidental so once again good fortune is smiling down on us.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day. Royce and his girlfriend Mallory, Curtis, Trevor and I travelled downtown San Francisco by the BART train system and headed to Fisherman’s Wharf where we rented bikes to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge! It was a beautiful day with wall to wall sunshine and blue sky, a nice breeze and comfortable temperatures. Oh yes, another friend of Royce’s, Reid, joined us as well. An interesting ride to get to the bridge with some challenging hills, then across the bridge and what spectacular views! It was amazing. I have no camera but Royce took many photos and will send them to us. We are going to try to activate Curtis’ camera today. I have a voucher for a new camera waiting for me at home from the one that quit when we were in Asia which luckily I had bought insurnace on. The camera I brought with me is the one I bought in Asia..darn…not having luck with cameras lately.

Riding across the bridge I reflected on some of the many amazing experiences Trevor and I have both had in our travels, such a swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland; kissing the Blarney Stopne in Ireland; climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower in France; to the top of Taipei 101 in Taiwan; walking the Great Wall of China; crossing London Bridge in England. so many, many more and I am so greatful for all the wonderful life experiences I have had and certainly riding across the Golden Gate Bridge is one of them.

After crossing the bridge we rode to the small city of Saulsalito, a very beautiful area and hung out there for a couple of hours. About 7 pm we boarded a ferry for the 1/2 hour ride back to San Francisco, passing right by the island location of Alcatraz. After returing the bikes we stopped aliong Fisherman’s Wharf at the In and Out famous hambuger joint and tried the burgers and animal fries!!! MacDonald’s ..move over..hahaha.

Another great day!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    I havee always wanted to visit the Godlen Gate Bridge, what an amazing piece of enginerring it is. Must be absuletly gigantic when your actually on it. What are animal fries and were the burgers good?….or alien? Remember that time we went to Wayne Gretzky’s burger joint in LA and we were down to our last $4……….you made it work as always…lol. Once again, im finding it hard to believe you of all people are having problems with cameras……..

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