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A Distressing Discovery!

August 24, 2012

Up early Wednesday morning and out to check around the Imperial Palace grounds and headed to the pool when it opened at 9 am. It was a beautiful day. I saw an ad for some free show tickets at the hotel next to us so headed over there to reach the box office at 10. When I went to get my passport for my ID ; it was gone! I was so distressed I did not know what to do. I tried my best to remain calm and “think” when I had last taken it out and remembered it was back at the Imperial Palace the day before. I was so so so distressed as we were to fly out to San Francisco at  6:30 in the evening and how could I go without my passport?! It was a terrible feeling. I had travelled 6 weeks in Asia and never had it gone astray and one day in Las Vegas and it was gone!

 To make a long story short!!!! Security had it at the hotel. I had certainly hit the jackpot with that good news.

The boys and I want to the Emperor’s Buffet for lunch and it was incredible!! I love buffets !! It was an amazing deal for only $10 each taxes  and tip included! Back to the pool and relaxing and enjoying the wall to wall sunshine and nice music and warm water.

At 4:30pm we headed to the bus shuttle to get us to the airport for our flight  to San Francisco.I had prepaid the tickets for the shuttle but it never arrived and at 5:10 pm we were panicky. We had to get another shuttle and I will try to recoup my original payment when we go back to Las Vegas  Sunday night. We got to the airport in the nick of time and our flight to San Francisco was great.  After arriving we took the BART train system that brought us out to Berkeley where our good friend Royce from Nicaragua met us in downtown Berkeley!! We were so excited to see him again. He was one of the amazing people we volunteered with at ESPERANZA that we hung around with. He calls me his Canada Mom  and I am proud to be that!!! We just love Royce!

We walked to his apartment he shares with some other nice young people and after exchanging a  few gifts( Royce gave me a MOMMA BEAR tee-shirt which I am wearing as I type this),  we made plans for today, Friday. I was then driven to the lovely  home of the couchsurfer Helen I am staying with while the boys are bunking at Royce’s! We have a great fun day planned for today and I am just waiting for them to call. The sky is blue and the sun is shining.  The headaches are minimal and life is great! Oops except camera problems again! I will not buy a Fuji camera again!!!


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  1. Barbara permalink

    Hope you continue to have a wonderful trip and that your passport misadventure is the only thing that goes wrong.

  2. Marg permalink

    Glad the lost passport showed up. You were lucky that day! I hope you continue to have a good time. I know you will love San Fran. Do hope you can go to Alcatraz and get up and down the streets on the trolleys. We loved San Fran.

    Continue to have a great trip.

    Marg and Greg xoxoox

  3. Lynn Guthrie permalink

    Hi Kathy: Glad to hear things are going pretty good. That was scarry about your passport, but things turned out OK in the end. That was more stress for you. Nice to hear that your headaches are only minimal and so far things are great.

    Our friends from Florida, Maynard and Cynthia arrived on Wednesday and left about 1 hour ago (Saturday). Had a great time with them. We are leaving with Peter and Wenda on Sept. 6 for Cape Cod and plan to stop at their place in Massacheutes for a few minutes to say hi.

    I know you are arriving home on Sept. 2. Perhaps we could meet at Curves Sept.. 4 or 5. Wayne plays golf both days. Tues. the 4th I would prefer.

    Continue having a great trip and keep us informed how you are doing.

    Love Lynn

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