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Anniversary of xoHeather’s xo Death

August 23, 2012

The one thing I know for sure is the happiest days of my life were the birth of each of my children; Rodger, Tracy, Heather, Gary, Bryan and Trevor and the worst day of my life was the day xoHeatherxo was killed August 22, 1999. I think there must be no greater pain than the loss of a child for a mother.

When I travel I think I am doing it for xoHeatherxo, as she wanted to travel.  I just wish it was her and not me.

How she would have loved this latest adventure. We arrived in Las Vegas  late last night and got a shuttle to our hotel The Stratosphere, which is most famous for its very high tower and is the best viewing place to see all of Las Vegas. The view last night was very beautiful, but this morning was rather rainy and cloudy so the view was not as great. The weather was perfect this evening.

We checked out of the Stratosphere by noon and taxied to our new hotel The Imperial Palace ; a very popular mid-range hotel in the middle of “the strip” and we were happy to arrive here as the other was at the far end of “the  strip” and this one is so much better. So much to see and do and of course Las Vegas at night is just what you imagine. Lots of glitz and glamour and bright flashing lights and casinos everywhere! I succumbed to a couple of slot machines but I am not a fan of these and was pretty put out when I lost my $10!! Then I quit! Not so much the 1000’s of other people glued to the machines trying to “hit the jackpot”.

The hotels are so cheap!! $30/night so it certainly is a cheap place to stay and they are great! Of course the famous Bellagio is not that cheap and we will visit it but not have the luxury of staying there.

We hit a great spot for a delicious lunch! Toby Keith, a favourite country singer of both Trevor and mine has a song called ” I Love this Bar” and he opened a really nice bar and grill here.

Too full for a big supper so we toured all around and visited many of the big famous hotels and casinos. Lots of families with young children, which I often wondered if  you could come with your children. They are in the casinos too but of course not gambling or drinking!!!

I love the DEALTAINERS. They are at the casino at our hotel and are great impersonators of famous singers and occassionally belt out some great tunes. The Tina Turner one is really awesome.

No free wifi at our hotel so I am at MacDonald’s and will head back to the hotel now.The boys are out touring a bit later but I was awake at the crack of dawn as usual and know I will be again tomorrow morning. ( Actually it is 2:49 am home time..yikes!!)

Goodnight xoHeatherxo. I love you forever and always.




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  1. gary sadler permalink

    I think of Heather every single day of my life. She was/is an amazing person and will always be in my heart. She taught me ALOT, and we had ALOT of fun together growing up and in highschool etc….

    The trip sounds like alot of fun. How was the space needle hotel? Noone got stabbed there I guess. THere is a rollercoaster on top of a hotel somewhere in Vegas, you should check it out….probs be alot of fun.

    Have fun today. Hope your headaches are okay.

    Love always,

    Guido Patrice

  2. Susan permalink

    God bless Kathy!

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