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San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Bucket List

August 21, 2012

The bucket list has become even more important to me with my recent health scare. I now truly realize that we must make the most of each day because we really cannot count on being here tomorrow!! I was in the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa in the emergency department trying to find out why I was having such horrible headaches which started around the 20th of July and seemed to be getting worse and worse. I had seen a few doctors already with no success. This day a specialist did a lumbar puncture which entails taking some fluid from the base of the spine. I fell asleep after the  procedure and was woken up by the doctor telling me I  was being rushed to the Ottawa Civic Hospital emergency department. Bleeding was detected from my brain and a suspected aneurysm and brain surgery was imminent. I was in shock. Hearing the doctor at the Civic tell my children 30% of people with my condition die before getting to the hopspital/ 30% die when they get to the hospital; did not give me very good odds!! I was scared to death and was facing death!

A  week later I was released. No bleeding; many horrible tests endured and a very bad time all around with headache issue unresolved. However, no life threatening cause detected!! They “think” the doctor who did the original lumbar puncture “made a mistake”!

So I am happy to be alive and very excited to on this new great adventure to see and learn more about our wonderful,beautiful great big world! Travelling with my number one travel companion; my beloved son Trevor and his buddy Curtis! We will have FUN!!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    glad your okay. enjoy your trip. dont do what ashton kutcher did in that movie!!!


    I am sooooooo happy you are ok. Corinne told me of your health and I have to say I said my prayers. Looking forward to a proper chat with you Love Mx Moira Rothery – Nurse Team Manager Park House 15 Park Rd South Hockley Birmingham B18 5QL mob: 07817759993


  3. Barb permalink

    What a scare!! Glad things turned out okay.

    If you get the chance, take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. It is amazing!!

  4. Farrah permalink

    OMG – that is crazy! I didn’t expect that story from the email you sent me… Glad everything is ok. You still have your headaches?

  5. Susan permalink

    Oh Kathy I had no idea all this was going on!!!!!! How scary. I am sooo sorry I had no idea. I am glad you are still with us and continuing on your adventures so I can once again live through you!!!
    Love you girl!

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