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11/06/12 Homeward Bound

June 13, 2012

The last day of our most amazing trip. We had the most incredible experience visiting Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. Wow!! hard to believe all the things we saw and did and lucky for me to have Trevor accompany me on this fun adventure. Also fortunate to be a member of the couchsurfing organization to make this whole trip more affordable, as we could not do it if we had to stay in hotels, that is certain. We would not have met as many incredible people from each of these countries this way either. After packinImageg up our stuff and saying goodbye to our host, we made our way by metro and train to the airport. I watched 4 movies on the flight to Toronto and I think I was the only one on the plane who was not sleeping, but I had fun!! I did not cry this time like I did on the way over with the movies I chose. Strange to leave Tokyo at 5:10 pm Monday and arrive in Ottawa 7;10 pm Monday!!! My daughter Tracy picked us up and Trevor got homeImage in time to  watch the Stanley Cup finals!







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  1. Susan permalink

    Kathy and Trevor thank you so much for sharing your adventures with all of us!! I enjoyed everyday checking in to see what exciting things “we” had been doing that day. I don’t know what I will do now that you are back! You will have to plan your next adventure soon.

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