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June 10 – Gonpachi!

June 11, 2012
ImageImageImageImageImageImageI was so happy to wake up this morning and see the wall to wall sunshine after the day of pouring rain yesterday. Trevor and I headed out to meet Kumi at the Harajuku shopping district again, as I had read on the internet and also Liam had told us, that this was the place to be on Sunday morning!! We met near the Meiji shrine and travelled to the famed area to see the wildly dressed young people. It was very crowded and interesting and I took lots of photos. We then headed to the beautiful Yoyodi Park and enjoyed walking around there on this wonderful, sunny day. This park is right by the busy shopping district and next to the Meiji shrine and it was so nice to see so many people enjoying the wide open spaces provided by this huge 134 acre park. We saw lots of runners and cyclists and families with dogs; people playing soccer and and badminton and having picnics on the grass. Also, street performers doing some busking.We left the park to walk a little further to this huge incredible outdoor flea market. I would guess about a 1000 people with a blanket spread in a small area of pavement loaded with lost of goodies to sell. It was very orderly with the vendors all seated by their wares and people streaming through picking up the bargains. With the way the young people shop here and dress so fashionally, it was obvious many great deals were to be had, but we just walked through and observed. Lansdowne Park in Ottawa would be a great place to have something like this! A fee is paid for the space and it is a Sunday ritual here. We left the flea market to head by taxi to the Roppongi district in Tokyo, as we had reservations at a famous restaurant called Gonpachi. Roppongi is famous for its nightlife,  especially with foreigners. This restaurant is the inspiration for the Quentin Tarantino movie Kill Bill. I have never seen this action flick but Trevor and Kumi had. I had heard from the other CSers here that it was a fun place to go. It was pretty cool and interestingly enough there was a framed photo of Prime Minister Harper and the owner hanging in the foyer from a visit he made to the restaurant this spring. I said to Trevor someday when he is hob-nobbing with the PM he can chat about their time spent at Gonpachi’s!! We each ordered the same Japanese meal and all 7 courses of it were delicious! We got to have soba noodles with this meal. I am a Steven Tyler fan and there was a framed photo of him visiting this restaurant also. So we left there and wondered around some more. After touring around the huge famous Ginza shopping district, where the wide street is closed off to traffic on Sundays, we went next to the Sensoji Temple, one of Tokyo’s most colourful and popular Buddhust temples which Kumi had taken me to on my last visit in 2006. We were near the Skytree Tower, which is Japan’s highest structure at 634 metres and got some photos. We were not hungry for supper so we capped off our visit at Starbucks with a beverage and some dessert, then headed back home.. but…..just had to stop for a bottle of coke and some chocolate covered almonds for a bed time snack. I also got a couple of boxes of ice cream treats for Tadashi to share with his roommates but he was not here when we got back to the house. We have not seen him since arriving Friday night. Hopefully we get to say goodbye to him in the morning. It was so kind of Kumi to give up her whole weekend for us. I told her we are not coming back to see her. She has to come to Canada to see us!

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