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June 8 – Goodbye Liam, Hello Tokyo!!

June 9, 2012

ImageImageImageIn the morning Trevor and I hung out with Liam, looking at photos and laughing alot. Then the 3 of us headed into the city center to catch the bus to Tokyo. Liam had a conference to attend in Tokyo for the weekend, so we were lucky to all travel together. I was so impressed with this cheap bus. Only $35 and it was deluxe compared to our Greyhound busses. The seats were like recliners and a blanket was provided and some seats near the front were singles.The really cool thing I liked was the awning that was over each individual seat so you could have complete privacy if you wanted to take a nap. It was also so quiet on this bus as you cannot talk on your cell phone.  I was enjoying the scenery and reading and Trevor and Liam were enjoying watching episodes of The Office on his laptop and before we knew it we were in Tokyo! We stopped for snacks and I got the most delicious bunwich.. it was potato salad in a bun and I could not believe how good it was..just like egg salad only potato salad. I am making that at home!! Also, our CSing friend from Brazil, who stayed with us last year saw on the CS site that we were in Japan, so he sent me a message to be sure to try Calpis, a beverage, while in Japan. So we did and I liked it a lot but Trevor is not so fussy on it. We both are still “addicted’  to milk tea which Rebecca in Taipei introduced us to so I am going to hunt for that at T and T when we return!!Speaking of Brazil reminds me of the woman on the tour bus we met yesterday who has just moved to Tokyo from Brazil as her husband is in the export business of exporting chickens to Japan !! Wow!! So we are in Tokyo eating chicken from Brazil!! I must say I have seen some pretty spectacular manicures here. Fingernails decorated like you would not believe!! Oh yes and I just love the Japanese toilets I have encountered form time to time. Sure beats the squat design of the Chinese ones. These ones do all kinds of fancy things and I was laughing my head off  at the bus stop pushing buttons that I could not read and experiencing all kinds of weird and wonderful sensations! One of the buttons was for a toilet flush sound which can come in handy at times!! Haha. We said sad good-byes to Liam as we absolutely loved our time with him and headed off to our last CS home. Tadashi met us on his bike as we exited the metro station and took us to his home. He is 26 years old; a university student sharing a huge house with his brother and 7 other guys and since he signed up with CSing  2 1/2 years ago he has hosted 300 people from 50 different countries!!Can you believe it!! What a guy !! Trevor and I have our own big room and next to us is a couple from Slovakia. The CS world is one big friendly one and we are so happy to belong to it!!We look forward to  welcoming CS guests again when we get home!!


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  1. Barbara permalink

    Love the picture of the high-tech throne!

  2. Lynn Guthrie permalink

    Have a great trip home. SEE YOU THURSDAY!!!!

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