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June 7 – Cherry Blossom Surprise

June 8, 2012
ImageImageImageImageImageI took a quick zip up and down the huge hills to Liam’s apartment to the French bakery for pastries for breakfast..just like when we were in France.  After hanging out with Liam for awhile Trevor and I headed into the city center to do some more sightseeing. We bought an all day bus and subway pass and took a city tour bus as well. I suggested we go to the Yamuzaki River location, identified as the top spot to visit on So we followed the lengthy subway route and finally arrived at the area, filled with anticipation as to why this river was the #1 destination. We could see no signs and it was a very quiet area but we managed to get some assistance via charades and kept walking and ..walking…and walking…….and!! came across something that looked like a creek!! I said, “This cannot be it!?” Some ladies with their children  were standing nearby and one of them spoke some English and it WAS the right river! Apparently it is absolutely beautiful at cherry blossom time as the whole length of it is bordered with cherry blossom trees and it is a huge tourist favourite!! Hahah….the joke was on me!! I forgot to read on trip advisor WHY it was  the #1 destination!! Good thing Trevor is such a good sport..he is used to my bloopers!! “Oh well,” I said. “We can say we were there!” So my next suggestion was going to the Nagoya port and back we got onto the subway and made our way there and it was lovely, thank goodness!! We went back to Sakae and visisted a couple more sites we had missed yesterday: Hisayi-odori Park with a beautiful fountain and the futuristic Oasis 21 complex which was pretty cool and what I liked best about it was that it afforded great places for people to just relax in the middle of the busy city. The “grandmother bikes” as they are called are ridden by everyone and it is interesting how the women ride them with their parasols as many women always have a beautiful parasol with them. Liam was working until 9 pm so I got Kazuho to order us pizza from Domino’s( just like in Canada but triple the price!!) so she did not have to cook and again a fun evening with 2 very special people. Liam whipped up a huge bowl of his special homemade guacamole as a side dish.Yummy!!! We look forward to more happy times with them when they move to Montreal in the spring.

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