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Taka – June 4

June 6, 2012

Kazuho, Liam’s fiance, left early for work and I let Trevor sleep in this morning!! He deserved it. He has been the best travel partner and supports all my ideas and is such a great sport and fun to be with!!Liam had no school or work today, so after breakfast we set out for an adventurous day with Liam and his Japanese friend, Taka. Liam and Taka met in university here about 4 years ago and are great friends. Taka just came back from a 2 year stint in Egypt where he was working for the United Nations. He had some incredible stories about his aid work there and what it was like to be there when the revolution happened! He plans to go back to Africa to do more work there. Only 23 years old and what an impressive, nice young man!

So we went by subway and train out to Inyuama to visit a beautiful old wooden castle which was constructed with no nails! It was very interesting learning the history and we were lucky to get an English tourist guide, which made it even better. Liam is so knowledgeable about Japanese history as well, so we learned a lot. Again, a lovely day weather-wise and our whole trip has been amazing weather..only a faint sprinkle of rain maybe once, I think, in Shanghai..that is when we met Mr. Lui when we put our Canada umbrellas up!! As it was nearing 5 o’clock, we headed for some traditional Japanese food and ate a noodle dish from a little stand that has won prizes for its food and Trevor and I braved beef tongue!! Taka had to say good-bye, so Liam, Trevor and I returned to Nagoya and met up with Kazuho and wow did we get spoiled once again!! They took us to a beautiful French restaurant that they both work part-time at, and we had the most incredible meal. I think there were at least 5 courses. It was very high-end this food and it was absolutely amazing!!This restaurant is where Liam and Kazuho’s wedding in October will take place. They both have a special relationship with Madame, the owner, and it was very evident when we arrived last night. We are so happy to be here with family and look forward to the rest of the week here with Liam and Kazuho. Liam is my brother Sean’s son and it is absolutely incredible how he is a complete clone of my brother, who, unfortunately, Liam only met after he was 12 years old and actually maybe has spent about 30 days in total with his dad and yet not only does he look like him; he laughs like him; sounds like him; has the same gestures and mannerisms; same type of humour; same charismatic personality; same friendliness etc etc!! It is incredible! Liam has overcome a lot in his life and I am so proud of the young man he has become and Trevor and I are especially happy to be here in Nagoya with him and his lovely fiance, Kazuho. Also, listening to him speaking so fluently in Japanese and French as well of course English, again I am motivated to get my French and Spanish to a much better level!! I am so in awe of people who can speak several languages.


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  1. Bryan Sadler permalink

    Say Gidday to Liam for me!

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