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Liam and Kazuho – June 3

June 5, 2012

Trevor and I said sad good-byes to Sonomi’s wonderful parents and headed to Kobe by train to meet her. How I got to know Sonomi and her family in the first place is a great story. I was going to South Korea to visit my niece Jen when she was teaching there and to run the Seoul marathon and as my flight did a stopover there on the way home, I asked my friend Mary Lynch if she knew anyone from Japan that I might meet up with. Mary had met Sonomi on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage she had done and gave me her address. I promptly wrote Sonomi in Japan and next thing you know I was welcomed to her parent’s home and spent a wonderful few days with her and her family!! They have since visited my home in Ottawa, so we have a lovely long distance friendship! Sonomi, Trevor and I had a great day touring around Kobe on foot. One store window had a most incredible display of millions of  jelly beans, my favourite candy and I wanted to go right in, but it was strange, as it was only a clothing store! Sonomi then treated us to a delicious Teppanyaki  meal cooked before us on a hot iron grill. It was wonderful and again we were spoiled Japanese style. We ended our visit with yummy gelato cones sitting alongside the Kobe harbour, chatting. Back to the train station in the evening and we learned from Sonomi that Trevor and I HAVE been travelling on the Bullet train after all. It is incredible how fast it is. We met my nephew Liam at the Nagoya station and he was saying he had just returned from Tokyo on the Bullet train in about 1.5 hours as opposed to the regular train which is a minimum 6 hour train ride. Of course, the Bullet train is a little more expensive. The trains are full and running every few minutes. The people of Japan are lucky to have such an incredible transportation system to get around the country on. My nephew Liam, who is here on a university scholarship, is a super nice guy and we were happy to meet his fiance Kazuho. They have special plans for this October. Wish we could be here then.


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  1. M. Hurley permalink

    Finally catching up on your blog. Nice to see Sonomi. She looks great and her Mom has not aged a day. It’s great to have met them. They have shown you and Trevor wonderful hospitality. I like the picture of the jelly bean tubes – amazing. Too bad it wasn’t a candy story like “Happy Pills”!

    I was hoping to see a picture of Liam. That’s nice you were able to conect with him

    Take care.

    Love Marg and Greg xoox

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