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Hot Springs – June 2

June 4, 2012

This morning Sonomi’s mom prepared a yummy traditional Japanese breakfast for us and then we set out to orchestrate Plan B.  We headed out for an hour’s drive into the beautiful countryside and went to a lovely resort with hot springs. I followed Kiyoko and Trevor followed Yoshiaki. As I pulled out my bathing suit Kiyoko nodded “‘no” and then I had the horrible realization I was not to wear anything! is at times like this that I wished my diet did not consist of so much coca cola, chips, and jelly beans!! I chuckled wondering how Trevor was dealing with this surprise news “on the other side” as thank goodness the men and woman are segregated!

As shy as I was at first when I looked at the other bodies, many were in about the same state of disrepair as mine, so I just let everything hang out and enjoyed every minute of the beautiful hot springs! It was so quite and peaceful and beautiful  and I got to thinking about many things and could not get the story of the little boy who was killed the day of the Hiroshima bomb out of my head. He was outside in front of his house riding his tricycle; only 3 years old. His parents buried him with his tricycle in their back yard. They thought that he might still be able to ride his trike in his new life. About 40 years later they dug everything up and donated the trike along with his story to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. There were so many stories like this and videos of people telling their stories in your language of choice… poignant and unforgettable! At noon we left the hot springs to attend the most incredible delicious buffet lunch at the resort and then back into the hot springs for more R and R until 3 pm. Trevor and I both enjoyed this day tremendously, as  the whole day was an amazing treat by Sonomi’s generous parents!Trevor and I reflected afterwards on the weekend we spent a  week ago at the Templestay which was a different type of getaway and a lot of hard work. We both have decided we would rather meditate hot spring style than temple style! Another delicious supper prepared by Kiyoko and then I taught her how to play Memory with my deck of cards. We had fun and played 3 rounds to determine the champion. Tomorrow morning we hop on the train again to meet someone very special!


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  1. Tracy permalink

    I would have bolted out of there so fast…….I am stressed just thinking about it!

  2. Susan permalink

    Ha ha I like Tracy’s comment! I probably would have died right on the spot!!!!!! Kathy you have a rockin bod so no worries there! What did Trevor think about letting it all “hang out” lol?

  3. Bryan Sadler permalink

    Trevor hung loose!

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