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Okonomiyaki! May 31

June 1, 2012

Off to the gorgeous island of Miyajima in the Sea of Japan early in the morning. It is a famous tourist spot here in Hiroshima. Lots of shrines and beautiful sites to see and deer wandering freely all over the place, but we decided we should climb the famous sacred Mount Misen and wow what a climb that was. It was 2.9 km up and quite a challenge and we were so happy to finally reach the top( 535 metres above sea level). After the 2 hours of  rigorous climbing, I said to Trevor it would all be worth it if only there was Coke and jelly beans at the top! Of course that was a ridiculous wish..maybe I was hallucinating by this time. Trevor was just ahead of me and announced there was a Coke machine and I laughed but THERE WAS!!! Even the Coke was double the normal price, we both we so happy to guzzle the  ice-cold Coke and share a big box of chocolate almonds since there were no jelly beans!! So peaceful and so beautiful..the view was amazing. We got back down a shorter 1.8 km route in time to grab a momiji manju( famous Hiroshima delicacy) and hop on the ferry back to the mainland. We only met a couple of other people who made the climb up and back as most took the cable car( wimps!)  and we chatted with 2 fellows who also walked up and down from Germany and Trevor was excited as one of the guys is a friend of a hockey player on the  Buffalo Sabres NHL team,  Trevor’s favourite team!! Again we met some great people during the day and especially the foursome who got involved in helping us find Kate’s apartment!!! We were to meet Kate and the other 2 CSers at 7:30 pm to go out for the famous Hiroshima okonomiyaki(pizza-pancake) and we had rehearsed the route carefully, as Kate has no cell phone but luckily I had her address written down and after 45 minutes with amazing Japanese people who could not speak English we finally arrived to her house at 8:15 pm. It was not your normal address or neighbourhood and it was rather scary as I really worried what we would do if we did not find it!!!Off to supper and so ended another great day. Our mountain adventure reminds me of our climb with Minowoo in South Korea. As we were climbing with him I thought I heard my cuckoo clock…hahah was not my clock but real cuckoo birds and I was so excited!! Only saw one fly away but real cuckoo birds were singing often and it was so lovely!!


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  1. Susan permalink

    Ha ha too funny finding a coke machine!!!! Great pictures Kathy! Good thing you are in such great shape for all the climbing you have been doing!!!

  2. Barbara permalink

    Beautiful pictures: the view from the top looks stunning.

  3. Lynn Guthrie permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor: We have been away since June 2 (Rob’s) and then onto Burlington (Wayne had a conference for the severance board) returning home yesterday p.m. (June 6). Just love your stories especially your adventure in skinny dipping)!! See you soon. Give me a call – I know you are home on June 11 but I don’t want to call and wake you up. Love Lynn

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