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Hiroshima – May 30

May 30, 2012

Smiley is so much fun! We loved our short CS experience at her place. I think she said she has had about 200 CSers from all over the world at her place. Smiley is 41 with 2 children and on her own. She loves having them and I am sure they all love staying there.Trevor and I went for a walking tour in the morning around the area where she lives  and visited a famous temple there. There were hundreds of little kids there and it was so wonderful to see them all and they were in big groups identified by different coloured caps: red; yellow; blue etc. They looked to be about 3 or 4 years old and ever so cute!!Back to Smiley’s and we headed into the city centre by car and she took us to a good ramen noodle place for lunch  and we were glad to go as David the guy from France from last night recommended we try this. Pretty good and am glad we tried it! We especially enjoyed this time with Smiley; laughing; talking; sharing stories etc and then she dropped us off at the train station for our goodbyes. Smiley was heading to tutor an 85 year old woman who wants to learn to speak English before she goes to heaven so when I get home I am working harder on my Spanish. I am inspired!!After getting our train tickets for Hiroshima, we had some time to explore Fukuoka some more. We visited a couple more temples and saw the most gorgeous huge beautiful Buddha in one but we were not allowed to take a photo. However, we bowed and lit candles and incense and it was a special time with  Buddha. Not sure how many Japanese are Buddhist but I recall about 27% Koreans are. We boarded our super-express train that looked like a rocket ship it was so impressive and boy did it go fast! Met up with Kate our new host and while waiting to meet her at the train station in Hiroshima, we saw a chap with a Canadian tag on his backpack and so I went over to say hi and he and his girlfriend are university students from BC travelling around Asia and they were heading to Kate’s to CS too! So we all went out to a restaurant and now we are all here and ready to shut the lights out!! Kate is a lovely young girl from New Jersey in the USA; teaching over here..  and welcoming CSers!!


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  1. M. Hurley permalink

    Glad you bought a new camera. I enjoy looking at your pictures. It’s awesome that you have met so many nice people.

    Marg and Greg

  2. Barbara permalink

    Your mouth-watering descriptions of all the different foods you are trying out are tantalising. Thank you for sharing.

  3. gary sadler permalink

    gidday….hiroshima…….interesting……thats where the americans dropped the atomic bomb that ended WW2. Looks like your having lots fo fun. Check your email and get back to me.

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