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Cookies from Yumiko – May 29

May 30, 2012

When we arrived at Holland’s; as per his instructions we entered his home using his door code and dropped our back packs and headed out to get some supper. Trevor and I had the worst hankering for Pizza Hut and hoped there was one in Busan.The salad bar that goes with the meal is so awesome. We have been doing our best with the Korean food but it is really hard to get used to. We asked a young man on the street corner if he spoke English and he did “a little” and he used his IPOD and took us up and down many streets to get us there ; we said goodbye, thanking him profusely and only found out after entering it was delivery only!!!With new directions we set out again, had a nice tour of Busan, got help from a couple of other people and after 1.15 hours we found it!! It is so incredible how nice and how helpful everyone is and again I could write so many stories about so many people. Love the sharing and helping and for sure couchsurfing and travelling the way we are opens up so many opportunities to “feel the love” that is out there in this big, beautiful world every single day! Had a nice visit with Holland back at his place and early this morning we headed again to the metro to get to the International ferry port for our 3.15 hour ferry ride to Fukuoka, Japan. I was a little disappointed in the ferry ride as we were enclosed and not able to go on deck but Trevor had a good nap while I did some reading and watching the view. It was during this time I discovered my camera had seized and although I have a replacement warranty for it in Canada, it was no help to me now. After landing we  bussed into the city centre and accomplished several errands, including getting a new camera with a new cord to upload photos. Before we knew it, it was evening and time to head to our new CS host Smiley’s house. A little confused at the metro station, a lovely Japanese woman offered to help us. She spoke English really well and was so friendly and helpful, even offering us some of the fresh bakery cookies she had just bought. Yumiko wanted my email address so we are now email friends; such a friendly, happy lady! As we parted her company, David from France took over and delivered us right to Smiley’s door, as he lives not far from her. He is teaching here and is married to a Japanese girl and loves living here!! I am attaching some photos of our day with Minwoo!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    Pizza hut eh…..does it taste the same as it does here? What kind of Korean have you tried? Miss you guys, hope your having fun!

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