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Minwoo! May 27

May 28, 2012

We finished the Templestay program and headed by bus to Gimcheon to catch our train to Gupo. Trevor did not enjoy the Templestay program but I have encouraged him to look at it as a difficult, challenging experience but as always to “look on the bright side” and think of how amazing it was to experience living as a Buddhist monk way over in South Korea!! Who gets to do that?!! Yes it was hard but wow .. what an experience! I love new experiences like that!! I think he will look back on it that way at some point. I hope so anyways!I was so proud of him for participating and doing his best while we were there. It actually seems surreal that we did that. And doing it with Trevor is especially meaningful for me! We got a bit lost trying to find Minwoo’s place in Gupo and he had to rescue us by taxi! He got lost coming to our place last winter so we laughed about that. It is so cool now to be at Minwoos ; as when he arrived at my place to CS last winter I never dreamed we would be at his place a few months later. As much as the food at the Templestay was so horrid; I suggested to Minwoo we go out for a Korean BBQ , which we did in Seoul with Il Kim. I asked that he try to order less spicy food as it is the spiciness that I really do not like so well. We had a delicious supper and back to Minwoo’s lovely home for the night. His family is away for the holiday weekend as tomorrow is Buddha’s birthday!! Snowy lotus flowers which grow here are a symbol of the Buddha’s everlasting wisdom and lotus lanterns are everywhere as part of the birthday festivities. They look so pretty, especially lit up at night.


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