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Happy Birthday Buddha! May 28

May 28, 2012

Buddhas birthday today! We  had a great day! First Minwoo prepared us a lovely breakfast, including salad with strawberry yogurt good! Also delicious big purple grapes. There are thousands of vineyards growing in the countryside around here. Then Trevor, Minwoo and I headed out to a Buddhist Temple nearby and climbed up big hills into a forested area to get to it. It was teeming with  people and a big celebration.  I did 4 bows which was a snap after the grueling 108 bows required daily at the Templestay Program. After looking around we had some complimentary lunch ( Temple style!!) and then we climbed to the top of the mountain that was very, very high and it was amazing to reach the top and look all around the city. All you can see for miles and miles are high-rise apartment buildings; many, many rice paddies and factories! But bordering all of this is a lovely mountain range. It was a beautiful, sunny day and most enjoyable and on the way back down there was a live band with musicians and there were several old ladies singing and dancing and having the time of their lives so I decided to join in! It was fun. We then headed back to Minwoo’s to gather our belongings and head once again to the bus and metro to head to Busan, about an hour away, to our new CS host, Holland, as we leave from Busan early in the morning to ferry to Fukuoka, Japan!! It was great to meet Holland. He was adopted from Korea when he was 3 weeks old and grew up in Kentucky, USA but he and some buddies from Kentucky are over here now teaching and loving it. As the only Asian kid growing up  in rural Kentucky he feels right at home here in Korea! Lost my card reader for the camera  and am sad that I cannot post any of my photos. I have some great ones!


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  1. Susan permalink

    Oh dear well find another one in a hurry Kathy because we are all missing your fabulous pictures to go with your stories! Tell Trevor he will one day be wise like us and then he will appreciate his Temple Stay lol! Something most of us will never get to do!

  2. M. Hurley permalink

    Wow, what great experiences. So neat the story of Holland. That must be amazing to be back in the place of your birth and feel at home. Yesterday was the MADD golf tournament and it was a great day but so disappointing as there were only 40 golfers and most were from Young Drivers. The food was excellent – no octopus on that menu! There were many nice silent auction items and I was able to get a CAA membership again for $55.

    That’s too bad you lost your cameras memory card. I miss those great pictures.

    Marg and Greg

  3. gary sadler permalink

    What are those rice fields like? THey always look so cool in photos. Incredible how they have manipulated the mountainous terrain to grow it.

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