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xoHeatherxo is in Taipei – May 24

May 25, 2012

It is important to me to always wear one of my oxHeatherxo pins and I am mad at myself for not bringing several on this trip. After a few days the pin I started out with was missing. I said to Trevor I wonder if I left it at Kayla’s in Taipei and if I did then I would be happy about that as Kayla so reminded me of xoHeatherxo. She is a beautiful young girl with the most incredible smile and so funloving and caring and such a positive outlook about everything; she reminded me of xoHeatherxo. So I emailed Kayla to see if it might be there. At first she said she was sorry it was not there and I was sad about that but then she emailed me to say she found the pin under her bed and that she would mail it to me. I said no, there was a reason for the pin to be there; oxHeatherox wanted to stay with Kayla. I truly believe that. I wish xoHeatherxo could be living the wonderful life Kayla is enjoying. Thankfully, I also brought my special giraffe that my friend Patricia Mantil surprised me with the night before I left to fly to Holland to do my first marathon for Team Diabetes Canada in memory of oxHeatherxo; as she knew oxHeatherxo loved giraffes.This giraffe has been with me for each of my marathons and most of my major travels.  Some people might not understand but those who have lost a child “know”!

This is the message I got from Kayla:

I put the Heather pin in a beautiful place on my lamp on my desk. I see her every time I sit down to do work. It was supposed to be with me! Thank you, Kathy! Love Kayla


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  1. Susan Wrightsell permalink

    Oh how wonderful Kathy! What a nice story and I’m sure Heather is with you and Trevor on each and every one of your adventures! A beautiful angel watching over you both.

  2. gary sadler permalink

    Heather is with all of us wherever we go, she provides the light that guides me through life. Im sure you feel the same way!!! That temple in the background i incredible looking. Makes what we consider old buildings around here seem like modern architecture.

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