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Ugly Octopus! May 24

May 25, 2012

I woke up early as usual and could hear Il Kim’s mom in the kitchen and what a surprise when Trevor and I got up! The kitchen table was covered with dishes of food for breakfast Korean style! Lots on new taste sensations and of course the beloved traditional  kimchi which is served at every meal. It is made of pickled vegetables and has many health benefits. Homes in Korea even have special kimchi refrigerators, as it must be stored at specific temperatures. Il Kim’s mom, Chonga, is sooooooo nice; a lovely woman with a sweet smile and just loving having us here to visit and to cater to!

Trevor and I headed out for the day and walked to the metro to head further into the city. Again, a terrific metro system here that gets you all over the city very cheaply and efficiently. In each of the Asian cities we have visited so far, English is everywhere, so it really helps to get about. I had the good fortune to vist Seoul in 2006 when my niece Jen was teaching over here and I had enough Aeroplan points to fly over and I did the Seoul marathon; so I have visited many of the key Seoul sites before. But Trevor wished to visit South Korea, so we are here again. Today we decided to do Dongdaemum Market ;Changdeokgung Palace and Insadong Traditonal Culture Street. Saw many small animals like bunnies, kittens, chickens, hamsters, chipmunks!! jammed into small cages and I had the worst sense of wanting to unlock all the cages and setting the animals free, but decided against it when I realized I would likley end up in a big cage; Jail! But I felt so sorry for them all. They were so many market type stalls selling these on the street. Also so many kinds of fishes in big tanks and octopus! I think it is the first time I have seen real octopus. So ugly!!We had a good day and returned to Il Kim’s in time to have some tea and cookies  and share our day’s events. We picked up some lovely red roses for Il Kim’s mom. She deserves them!


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  1. Bryan Sadler permalink

    Sick flow Trevy

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