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No Sale! May 25

May 25, 2012

Into the city centre by metro this morning and straight to the Seoul Railway Station to buy tickets for our journey to Jikjisa tomorrow. Forgot this is a holiday weekend and could only get standing room tickets so it will be a long 3 hour train ride standing, but at least we got tickets! We then decided to buy tickets for the Seoul City  Bus Tour where we got to tour around and listened to English information on headsets and get on and off whenever we wanted. This was a good idea and we saw a lot today. We went to the War Memorial Museum and enjoyed a special outdoors program there. Had a laugh at the famous Namdaemun market when I asked to buy an alarm clock that I should have been able get for $3000 won( about $3 Cdn) and the guy asked me 50,000!! I was so mad!! What kind of foreign fool did he think I was ?!! .No sale!! Have to say we finished off our day with a yummy supper at Pizza Hut which had a great salad bar with a new salad taste that is scrumptious. Pumpkin salad. We have braved a lot of new foods, but must say we prefer our good old Canadian food best!


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  1. Barb Dodd permalink

    I am soooo envious of your adventures. I anxiously look forward to your daily blogs. See you soon Barb

  2. M. Hurley permalink

    Wow! So many adventures. Yes, Heather would surely have liked to be part of your adventures. Travel just gives you a taste to see more. Trevor has been a great companion for you. I look forward to reading the blogs.

    Marg and Greg

  3. Barbara permalink

    Am following your blog regularly. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures.

  4. Marlene permalink

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time with your couchsurfing travels…so happy for you both !!

  5. Bryan Sadler permalink

    You guys look like legends!!

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