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We Landed, Again! May 23

May 24, 2012

Stefanie insisted in getting up with us at 5:50 am to walk us to the taxi stand. She was such a caring, helpful CS host. Our  flight to Seoul, South Korea left Beijing at 10:20 am. I cannot believe we have been on EIGHT planes when I hate flying so much. 2 to get from Ottawa to Hong Kong . 2 to Taipei and back to Hong Kong. One from Hong Kong to Shanghai; one to Xi’an; one to Beijing; one to Seoul. That is it, thank goodness, until the final leg of our trip back to Ottawa on June 11th. We are catching a ferry from Busan, South Korea to Fukuoka, Japan. Originally I had planned for us to train from city to city in China but the flights were so much more efficient time wise and the cost was the same I just gritted my teeth and we flew, thankfully, safe and sound! We arrived at our new CS host, 29 year old Il Kim’s, midafternoon and he lives in a beautiful apartment with his mom and sister and cat. His dad died in an accident a few years ago. He and his sister can speak English pretty well and his mom is trying to learn it .She is a lovely woman and ever so hospitable to us. I suggested we hang out and I would like to treat them to a renowned Korean BBQ, as the next couple of days Trevor and I will be touring all over and gone for most of the day. So we did just that and it was delicious! Then we walked around the area; a new development in the suburbs of Seoul; visited a Buddhist Temple and  bought some cookies on the market and came home and had cookies and tea!Il Kim is sleeping on the couch; we have his nice big bedroom!


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