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The Great Wall! May 22

May 23, 2012

Stefanie’s apartment is really teeny weeny but she is very organized living in her cozy flat and very welcoming to us as her first couchsurfers. Someday she hopes to CS herself but her goal right now is studying and more studying as she hopes to continue her education in  North America next year. The 3 of us crowded into her double bed with me squeezed in the middle and you can’t get much cozier than that! She is so friendly and positive and upbeat and we are so happy to be her guests! 8851.8 km.That is the length of The Great Wall. The section we did was really hard climbing but a most unforgettable experience as we went right up to the highest section in the most popular tourist area of Bedaling. As I was marvelling at how clever we were not to take one of the expensive “tours” as we just caught the cheap local bus for the 60 km trip and when the bus stopped at the Great Wall and nobody got off ; in spite of 2 girls animatedly speaking in Chinese to Trevor trying to tell him to get off, I resolutely told him not to listen to them; we will get off when everybody else gets off. Well guess what!! They weren’t going to The Great Wall but nother location beyond and we ended up having to get a taxi back!! Haha. Too funny, but again a great experience and I would far sooner be doing it on our own than with a big tour group being led around like a flock of sheep! Some guy was on a tour and was really mad as he said they gave them only one hour AT the wall as they had stopped at all sorts of markets etc on the way! We could stay as long as we wanted.  About 7:30 pm Stefanie, Trevor and I headed out for another great Chinese food delight. Hot Pots at a  new restaurant chain that has started up and is very popular here in Beijing. It was packed with people enjoying this delicious way of eating which involves all this fresh food being delivered to your table and dipping the food into the steaming pots and cooking it and then dipping this cooked food into a tasty sesame sauce and eating it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy!! Our last night with our wonderful host, Stefanie; such a joyous and caring spirit. Such good fortune to meet up with her!


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  1. Susan Wrightsell permalink

    Great picture of you on the Great Wall Kathy!!!! I’m sure it was a breeze for you since you are in such great shape. Love the panda’s!!! The food looks amazing! Keep up the good work you two and Trevor try to smile a little more in your pictures lol!!!

  2. gary sadler permalink

    Really neat. Cant believe that wall was built by hand. Must feel neat to be standing on something so old and with so much history attached to it!

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