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Pandamania! May 21

May 23, 2012


Out the door and grabbed breakfast at a delicious bakery we discovered just up the street. Then we decided to tour the hutong area which is where the CS host lives. Hutongs are a unique form of community only found in China. They are actually a small street or lane between 2 courtyards. It was very interesting navigating these and seeing how the people live here. We wanted to reach the lake we were told about, so that became an adventure. Finally, I went into a shop and drew some pictures like Pictionary  for the girl working and finally she got it!! It was funny. Houhai Lake was beautiful and we wished we had more time to explore that area. We needed some directions so I asked a young man who looked like he was possibly English and we met Marcus!! He is from Norway and doing Chinese studies here. We had a great chat and he helped us navigate some more as we now needed to get back to the metro station.Walking along some little bottles set out on some of the stands was making me curious. Trevor said no way would he try them but I did and it was delicious yogourt! Saw a young Chinese man with a great T-shirt that so represented my son Bryan, so had to stop him and luckily he spoke some English and agreed to a photo! Out next destination was the Beijing Zoo, as we read there are pandas there. Loved the pandas and also the zoo itself was pretty good as far as zoos go. Definitely worth it to see the pandas! Back to pick up our knapsacks and on to meet our new host, Stefanie, in another section of Beijing. An amazingly friendly 23 year old girl who has recently graduated and has a good postion with the first Apple store in China; right around the corner from her teeeny, tiny flat. We parked our bags and headed out for a traditional  delicious Bejing Duck dinner.

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  1. Rodger sadler permalink

    It sounds like many people in China are friendly with tourists. I hope I can get there some day! What a fun trip.

  2. Lynn Guthrie permalink

    I just love pandas – what an adventure!!! Miss you here but know you are having a fabulous time. Nothing much new – Bev and Ed just left. We are having beautiful weather, almost too hot for my liking. Take care. Have fun. See you soon. Love Lynn xxoo

  3. Bryan Sadler permalink

    Sounds like a wild party man! As the legend from Machu Pichu in Barcelona in Spain would say. What was his name? He was a beauty.

  4. gary sadler permalink

    BEST PARTY EVER……….that shirt is legendary. The panda bears, they are legendary too…… pandas roam wild there or are they all domesticated now?

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