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Pedicab Fun! May 18

May 18, 2012

Trevor and  I are sitting at Starbucks waiting to meet  up with our new CS host Suzy.  We said goodbye to Kay and managed to get him to KFC for supper so that was good. He mentioned liking to go there once so we had a nice, final good-bye. As he is in the police force and a member of the Communist Party here he cannot leave the country so it is unlikely he will ever get to Canada for us to reciprocate his hospitality. A great guy for sure! Last night Trevor and I decided to catch a pedicab ride home and that was funny and of course we could not say Kay’s address in Chinese and suddenly we were swarmed by pedicabs all wanting our business and again negotiating a price was funny too but we finally struck a was so fun whizzing along the streets in that. Again, you just cannot imagine what it is like on these streets. Trying to cross them is a nightmare, so we watch and wait for someone local to start crossing, then basically tag onto them, take a deep breath and cross our fingers!! Oftentimes you see people on bicycles loaded with so much stuff you wonder how they can pedal them. Many people are making a living by picking up recyclable stuff and use the bikes for this. We did  lots of touring again today on foot and revisited the Muslim Quarters, which is composed of many streets and alleys filled with markets and vendors selling their food and wares from dawn ’till late at night. My shopper friends would love it here… so much stuff and so cheap! I am not a shopper but today I got something special for each of my grandchildren I love to pieces!!


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  1. Tracy permalink

    Your daughter likes to collect Starbucks mugs from different places……Steph said he just got me one from Berlin. Just putting that out there 🙂 Have fun…..long weekend here!! Woot Woot!

  2. M. Hurley permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor

    I just can’t imagine trying to negotiate around so many people. It will be nice when you get away from such high populated areas – although I don’t know where that is in Asia!

    Glad that all your hosts have shown you a good time.

    Marg and Greg xoox

  3. Bryan Sadler permalink

    Looks like Monkeyyyy

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