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Hospitality Plus! May 17

May 17, 2012

Our CS host Kay is unbelievable. He is the kindest, most hospitable person I think I have ever met! Not only is he hosting Trevor and I but also 2 lovely girls from Denmark and he is sleeping on the couch! He was off work today, so we all awoke to a delicious Chinese style breakfast he had gone out to pick up.. can’t say what it was called but some kind of dumplings fresh from a stand off the street and a strange rice drink. The he whisked us off for the 2 hour drive to the outskirts of Xi’an  to see the Terracotta Warriors display.  That was so interesting and certainly has attracted tons of tourists to this city since the unearthing of this took place not so many years ago. Back to Xi’an central and into a lovely Chinese restaurant and we got the full Chinese meal here. Nothing like what we call Chinese food at home. It was delicious but even though he said he tried to go low on the spiciness on my behalf ; it was still way too spicy for me and I did not enjoy it as much as I might have otherwise. Trevor dug right in and even though he is good with “spicy” he said it was almost too much for him as well. Incredible again, as although the 4 of us had arranged to pay the bill and treat Kay; he would not hear of it. Said we were his guests etc. A + Chinese hospitality. We have learned so much from Kay about the Chinese culture and I loved the story about his amazing 98 year old grandma who still lives on her own and is a going concern! Incredible that she is the last surviving woman of her generation of women who were forced to bind their feet in her province. However, I did not like learning about what happens when women here give birth. That was shocking and I want to reaearch it more but from what I understood they stay in darkness for one month in a room with the new baby; cannot shower; cannot touch cold water and do not breast feed! From foot binding to baby birthing, I am thankful I am not a Chinese woman!


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  1. Barbara permalink

    What wonderful hospitality. It brings to mind my Mum’s saying “a guest in the house is like god in the house.” Thank you for sharing your stories.

  2. moira permalink

    you are so amazing. It’s time life was so rewarding for you xx love moiraxx

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