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But Butts?! May 16

May 17, 2012

I just love it here in Xi’an. It is such a change from the busyness of Shanghai; after all there are only 9 million people living here! I think one of the things I love about this city is there are so many heritage buildings with the pagoda roofs and the colorful ornamentation. Trevor and I walked and walked and walked again today and took in as many sights and sounds as we could. I was determined we would eat Chinese food for lunch and I promised western food ( aka McD; KFC; Pizza Hut; Subway) at supper but we had to have the other at noon. Well, we ended up in the Muslim food alley and there were lots of interesting food items there but also some very strange ones and even though we lined up a couple of times we ended up chickening out when we were forced to order as we did not know what to order!!Well, we tried TWO things..I thought they weren’t too bad ..but when 1:30 pm rolled around and we still had not eaten, we both were happy to bolt to Subway!! Supper was McD! Tomorrow our host Kay is off work for the day and wants to take us to see the Terracotta Warriors and other sites so we will try to do better on the food front  when he is with us to guide our choices. There are alot of Muslim people in this area of China. Easy to identify as both the men and women have something on their head but otherwise they are dressed no different from others here. You would have to see this to believe it. It is the baby butts hanging out everywhere, as it seems they do not wear diapers but have slits in their clothing and even the toddlers in training! I cannot figure it out.. so the little ones just poop and pee and nothing to catch it?!!

Oh yes and another new toilet experience for me too. I had been warned and luckily was prepared. Squat toilet with no toilet paper!! Yikes!!The best part of our day was riding the 14 km circumference of the old city wall that is still standing around the city centre. Xi’an is one of the few cities where old city walls are still visible.Luckily our bikes were upgrades from what most Chinese people ride. A beautiful, sunny day in the old ancient city of Xi’an!


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