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Squat! May 14

May 16, 2012

This morning we walked around the area where Phil lives and went to a little Chinese shop and indulged in Chinese food and oh my gosh for $5 did we get a lot of food! I ordered a yummy rice dish;Trevor a noodle dish and Phil some soup and with a drink it was very inexpensive. It was actually a Muslim Chinese shop!Cool watching the guy make the homemade noodles swinging the fresh dough around. We left Phil and took the bus/metro back to the city centre and toured around to see more touristy stuff. I love looking at the cute outfits the young girls and women wear. They are so fashionable but also so skinny and so beautiful!! I wish I could take photos but probably not polite! You are seriously risking your life trying to cross the streets here. Red light does not seem to mean STOP and with so many modes of transportation and millions of people crsiscrossing at all times, it is lucky if you make it across safely!!Oh boy! FUN!!Met up with the squat toilet today. I don’t know the proper etiquette for that but let me say it is very tricky..sure would not want to be on candid camera for my attempts at using it! Maybe enough “squats” I will get skinny too! Haha. Before the Shanghai Circus Trevor wanted to hit Papa John’s Pizza and then we enjoyed the show so much. Amazing acrobatic acts.. I was on the dge of my seat the whole time. Took a taxi back to Phil’s and was surprised at the long ride only costing $5!! Another great day in Shanghai!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    This blog reminds me of the time we went on the trip out west and I had to do my daily write-up about my summer for Mrs. Grainger. Except you probably wont have the nervous breakdown that i did!!!!! Looks like the trip is going great. Miss you both. Bring me and Brit back a surprise!!!!

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