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Censored! May 15

May 16, 2012

I just love the beautiful parks that spring up all over this huge city, right in the middle of all the concrete skyscrapers. So immacuately maintained with beautiful trees and flowers and lots of open space. Also the bicycles are very notable, as the majority of them are so old and rusted looking you would think they should be in the junk pile, but people of all ages whizzing by on them and of course no helmets! Oh yes.. getting on the metro is another challenge! It is wild. When the throngs of people line up to get on, they storm the metro without letting the people get off first Then they race for the seats like madmen! Again..pretty risky riding this massive metro with its 10 intersecting lines, but wow… it is so efficient and clean and cheap and fast! Said good-bye to Phil and headed for the airport to take our flight to Xian; home of the Terracotta Warriors and once the famous capital of China. Our new CS host Kay picked us up in his car after we bussed from the Xian airport to the Bell Tower near his home. He is 31 and a policeman here in Xian, speaks English very well and has the most incredible manners. I was so surprised when we arrived at his home and were greeted  by 2 huge teddy bears! I love teddy bears!! I know we are going to enjoy our stay with him. I am so grateful to my nextdoor neighbour Sandy helping me with my blog, as I found out once we arrived in China I could not access it due to the Chinese censorship. I am emailing my daily impressions and she is looking after it for me and she has just informed me that she can do lots of cool things with it so now I can post more pictures I think. Thank you, Sandy!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    those terracotta warriors are very very cool. how are things?

  2. Lynn Guthrie permalink

    Hi Kathy Lynn and I really enjoy your progress reports. One question …When you say only cost $5 are you talking US$ or are you just converting CAD into the chinese curremcy? Take care…Wayne

  3. M. Hurley permalink

    Wow – memories to last a lifetime. It’s awesome that you have met so many interesting people. Always surprises just around the corner.

    Love Marg and Greg

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