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Friendly Faces

May 15, 2012

Some of the happiest moments while travelling are the unexpected ones such as meeting up with some incredible people like:

Sherry in Taipei. When we arrived in the city, Trevor and I were having a little bit of trouble figuring out the directions to our CS host Rebecca’s home. Sherry was walking her dog along the street and I stopped to ask if she spoke English and she did a little bit. She tried calling our host on her cell phone and then walked us to the addresss and offered for us to go to her house while we waited for Rebecca to get

home. We declined but she then provided cold juice boxes for us, and helped us to store our backpacks with the apartment concierge so we could go out sightseeing. It was so incredible how much she went out of her way to help us! We felt so welcomed by Sherry!

Kimmy in Taipei. When Trevor and I went to the Beitou hotsprings this older pretty lady was smiling at us and when I said hello she responded in English. She said she had not spoken English in 40 years! Apparently she was a nanny for an English family when she was younger and she was so happy to try speaking with us!! She thought we would be surprised at her age and I guessed her really young which really flattered her. She was 65 and looked great! Next thing you know she was massaging our backs and giving us lots of tips for the hot springs. It was so fun meeting up with Kimmy!

Ming Ming in Shanghai. We were on the metro from the Shanghai airport heading to our CS host Alex’ home. I liked the shirt of the young man standing in front of me and gave him a smile and thumb’s up.

He smiled back and I ventured to ask if he spoke English which he did quite well so we had a wonderful conversation with him and learned so much about the Chinese culture from him. Again, he tried to reach our host on his cell phone and made sure we got off  the metro at the right  place and at one point we had to make a “line change” that for sure we would have missed. We were lucky to meet up with Ming Ming!

Mr. Lui in Shanghai. Trevor and I were walking along the Bund promenade when this older Chinese man came up to us and started speaking English. He had spotted our Canadian umbrellas! He was really friendly and soon after speaking English, he switched to 4 other languages; Spanish; Russian; French and of course Chinese and English!! We know enough French and Spanish to know he was speaking these well. I said, “How do you know so many languages?!” and he said he learned them all by himself from books! He then told us he was 66 and had never travelled abroad because he cannot afford to but loves learning about other cultures and languages. He wanted to hang out with us for the rest of the day so he could practise his English. As interesting and friendly as he was, we  were unable to. However, we were both inspired by our meet-up with Mr. Lui!

Metro lady in Shanghai. Sitting on the metro on the other side of Trevor was an older lady who smiled back at me. She then proceeded to say something to Trevor and I in Chinese in a friendly manner so I thought I would offer her one of my little Canada pins I carry with me. She then excitedly started saying more things to us and seemed to be refusing the pin. I did not know what to do. I resisted taking it back and then I saw her reach into her purse for money. She thought I was trying to sell her the pin! I felt so bad! I finally got the message to her  that it was a gift and then she was so happy and thanking us a million times and smiling from ear to ear and thanking us again! This metro lady made our day!

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  1. Susan Wrightsell permalink

    Kathy and Trevor I cannot tell you how much I enjoy and look forward to reading your entries each day!!!! It always makes me smile and I feel as if I am right there with you!!!! It makes my heart feel good that so many people in a strange country have reached out and helped you both! Keep up the good work and enjoy your adventures!!!!

  2. gary sadler permalink

    How were the Beitou hotsprings? that sounds cool. And btw, i kinda chuckled when you put that you and trevor speak spanish…….i have heard this “spanish” before……lol. Im kidding, im proud of you for sticking with things and trying to learn new stuff. Te quiro Taco Bell!!!

  3. Brittiney permalink

    awww kathy! sounds like you guys are having a blast! xoxoxoxoxo jealous!!!! I like to read youur blogs 🙂 miss you and trev!

  4. Kayla permalink

    I LOVE this entry! Every person is a story and an experience. It is so beautiful you two amazing people are able to connect with a variety of people all over– not only that but I adore your appreciation of those connections, especially the small ones. Enjoy the rest of your travels. I’ve got you two in my heart and Heather with me every day on my desk :)!

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