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Sweet Dreams – May 11

May 14, 2012

Trevor and I got up bright and early to head to the metro station to then catch the aiport bus. The airport bus was late and also got tied up in bad traffic so we arrived late for our 11 am flight to Hong Kong! Disappointing, as that meant catching a later flight to Hong Kong that caused us to miss the Hong Kong/ Shanghai flight at 3:25 pm. We had to wait at the airport until the Hong Kong Airlines rebooked flight at 10 PM. Consequently we did not get to Shanghai until 1 am and by the time we passed through immigration etc it was after 1:30 am so we are sleeping on a bench at the airport!! FUN!! Luckily I was able to contact Alex our CS host by email to let him know. Good news is Trevor is doing lots of reading and we are buying books as needed but love to see him reading!!Especially as he wants to be a High School English teacher! NO texting 24/7! Mom loves it!


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  1. gary sadler permalink

    Trev if you get a chance text me! Just kidding. I hope you both are having fun. It sounds scary over there. I dont think I could do the adventures you have been on. Very proud of both of you!!!!

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