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May 10, 2012


After saying goodbye to our new US friends, Trevor and I headed to the famous Longsham Temple. It was so peaceful and enriching observing all the locals worshipping the various deities. We were then hungry, so we passed though what is known as ‘snake alley’ and many of the foods there were too gross to even look at! And yes there were snake parts ready to snack on! However, I was excited when I spotted some timbit type donuts just freshly deep fried with sugar sprinkled on them. Just before I was to bite into them, Trevor suggested I should confirm the contents of the lovely balls of dough. SQUID!!! My pleasure turned to horror…. but being the trooper I am and of the ‘waste not want not’ generation I downed every one of them!! Not fun!
However,the squid was soon forgotten when we headed by metro rail north of the city to Beitou. Hot springs and beautiful scenery have made Beitou one of the most famous areas in northern Taiwn. After 2 hours of luxuriating in these delightful waters for approximately one Canadian dollar, the squid was soon forgotten!

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  1. M. Hurley permalink

    I am now checking in regularly to read of your adventures! Lots of interesting food to try!

    Marg and Greg xoxx

  2. colleenskj permalink

    Too funny! So nice to see pics too! Sounds so wonderful over there! Tell us about noise levels and smells.

  3. Barbara permalink

    You certainly are a trooper. Sqid is one thing, but any sort of seafood sprinkled with pink sugar is another. Thanks for your blog. Am enjoying travelling by proxy.

  4. Kelly permalink

    LOVE your stories!! I read them all and cannot wait to see your pics!!! Love you!! Kelly xoxo

  5. Barbara permalink

    No more posts? Hope you’re recovered from your squid adventure.

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