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No Octopus, Thanks!

May 8, 2012

T;  sheltering eaves of Taiwan in a symbol of Taiwan as a warm home

a ;the host of this home,ardently welcoming travellers to Taiwan

I;  the traveller who has come to visit and is being welcomed by the host

w; the 2 people, host and visitor,shaking hands and greeting each other happily

a and the n; the 2 sitting together, drinking tea and chatting casually

We are here in Taiwan! According to the tourist association..the above is the meaning of the pin I  was given.

This morning we said goodbye to Minori and family and flew toTaiwan .We are staying with our first couchsurfer on our trip: Rebecca; a lovely woman who has welcomed us into her home and we have a lovely private room with our own bathroom etc: Can’t beat the hospitality couchsurfing offers worldwide!(

Rebecca had to work late so we left our belongings with the apartment complex concierge and headed out exploring and had an interesting evening at 2 of Taiwan’s famous Night Markets. We stayed away from most of the food vendors because we were scared. We smelled some really gross aromas and the breaded octopus with its tentacles lying on display was just a bit too much! However, we did try 4 new items and they were GOOD! My shopper friends would love the deals so low on clothing and other goods they are practically giving everything away!

Everyone is racing by on motorized scooters. It is incredible and so fun to watch. I  want to jump on one and go fast like that too!!

I have taken lots of photos  but unfortunately I cannot upload them to the blog.

We are excited to explore and have new advenures tomorrow.



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  1. Susan Wrightsell permalink

    I’m loving your blog Kathy and Trevor! Please find a cable so we can see some pictures too!

  2. Barb N permalink

    Great blog, Kathy! I am really enjoying your adventures!

  3. Lynn Guthrie permalink

    More pictures if possible. That was a great picture of you and Trevor with Rebecca. Sounds wonderful but I really think you should have tried the octupus. Have fun. Love Lynn

  4. gary sadler permalink

    have you driven one of those scooters? they do look like alot of fun!!!

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