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Bad Fortune

May 6, 2012

Today Minori, aiong with little 2 year old Shiori, took us on a great Hong Kong tour. Using the Octopus card she generously supplied for both Trevor and I, we travelled by  train, bus and subway, setting out late morning and getting home soon after 10 pm. We started off with a visit to a Temple and Trevor and I had a “spiritual experience”, only to find out that we have bad fortunes lying in wait for us ; so that was not a great start to our day! We enjoyed the bus tour around the heritage section of Hong Kong Island and ate out for lunch and supper but no Chinese food at either place..saving that for tomorrow. The bus trip to the famous Peak was pretty scary but worth the trip as the view of the harbour and all of the buildings was pretty specatacular in the daylight and again after dark with everything lit up. A short ferry ride to the island of Kowloon capped off our day.

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  1. Pat permalink

    Sean and I are enjoying your journal. happy to learn all is going well and you are enjoying yourselves.

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