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Ying and Yang

May 4, 2012

Ying and yang………………   happy and sad.

 Sad because Trevor and I boarded our flight to Vancouver at 8 am this morning and I cried most of the trip. I watched the movie Iron Lady about Margaret Thatcher and it was amazing. For sure Meryl Streep deserved the best actress award for her portrayal of this former Prime Minister of Great Britain. I loved it but found it incredibly heartwrenching as it dealt with so many challenging aspects of her life. As the soundtrack from a favourite classic movie I loved  from many years ago churned up memories, I decided to watch The King and I again and bawled  in that one too!!

Happy that we landed safely as I am a nervous flyer!

Sad when I discovered that I forgot the cord to put the pictures from my camera onto the Netbook!

Happy to discover that I DID bring the extra battery for my camera that I thought I had forgotten!

Soon we will board our flight for the 13 hour flight to Hong Kong and when we land we will be very, very happy!



















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One Comment
  1. Denise :) permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor: does the netbook has a slot to place the camera memory card? could you buy a cord to download photos?

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